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Keeping Children With Disabilities Safe During Sport and Other Activities

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Keeping children safe and secure during sporting activities can sometimes be a difficult task – especially if the children in question have disabilities. This is due, in part, to a lack of adequate information concerning the risks involved with certain activities. But before we go into more specific advice (every child is different) on this issue, there are, firstly, general steps that all parents and carers should take to ensure the safety of their child.

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Welcome Fatherhood

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This is the story of how a little boy name Xavier aka Xavi (sa-bi) changed my life forever. Major life events such as marriage, divorce, job promotion, graduation and others can bring many lifestyle changes that could potentially turn your life around. I recently became a new dad and experiencing fatherhood for the first time made me realize that life will be completely different from now on. It took me a while to realize how different life was going to be, but day by day I am faced with new experiences that are challenging but also rewarding in this new stage of my life.

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The Social Impact Of Being Physical

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We all have heard about the physical, mental and biological benefits of regular exercise and the immense emphasis that is laid on it, but have you ever wondered about the social aspect of being physical? A study in the ‘International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity’  brings into limelight the psycho social characteristics of a healthy fitness regime.

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Osteoporosis and Exercise

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Osteoporosis is defined as having porous bones.  It is a progressive lose of bone that has an increased risk for bone fractures to those individuals diagnosed.  Often times we think this diagnosis comes with a decrease in activity for the safety of our health.  However, more and more studies are coming available that show the need to move with Osteoporosis in a safe way.   

Posted by Windy Wills May 23, 2016 Posted in Disability 2 Comments

Playing sports – It benefits more than your health

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Whew! I made it through another semester of graduate school. Interestingly, one of my assignments for this semester required me to complete extensive research into a topic of my choosing. In the end my topic, as it often does, centered on adaptive sports. Since the health benefits of sports participation are well known, I was intrigued by non-health benefits that can be derived from playing sports.

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8 Interesting Tips to Upgrade Your Workout

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Training seems to be difficult at first, but a lot of people tend to get the hang of it after a few months. However, the reason these same people fail at sticking to a routine training schedule is because they get bored or hit a plateau. This can be prevented by taking steps to change your routine for the better, which could be considered a way to upgrade your workout.

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20 Research-Based Health & Nutrition Tips

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It seems as if everyone who is into fitness has a ‘magic’ health or nutrition tip that will change your world forever. Many of the tips your friends and acquaintances offer are based merely on hearsay and/or personal preference. If you want to improve your health, you need evidence-based advice.

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Aquatic Exercise for Edema

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You hate to start a blog with the words “consult your physician” but in the case of edema it becomes a necessary part of health and wellness.

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How to Start an Early Morning Exercise Routine

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Ask yourself, why should you exercise?

Not for the date that cast you off, not for the taunts of relatives that you want to thrust off, and not for the ‘fat shaming’ accuses you want to get rid of, just to fall in love with your body and become a person you will always be proud of.

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Spring Into Action

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Since the spring season is in full swing, I feel so much better with my daily schedule and activities. I feel like I have been reborn to some degree because my activities throughout the week are all set in stone. I feel so driven because my activities, exercises, practices, and work are all set up on a calendar in which I am all prepared for each day. I basically have my fall season planned out for each day. This is great for me considering I just spent the summer free lancing it. I can then focus on just bringing a fun-filled attitude for when it’s time to exercise.

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