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The Hidden Downside of Workplace Wellness Programs

The Hidden Downside of Workplace Wellness Programs Tagged with:

Stress management workshops, gym membership reimbursement, support groups and flu shot clinics are popular examples of workplace wellness programs. Wondering if your employer offers this type of program? There is a good chance it does — more than 90 percent of large employers and 73 percent of small employers offer this employee perk.

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Easy Exercises to Opt as Daily Routine

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With our day to day life, we have become so busy with our work and house chores that we don’t even realise that our health is not getting our attention anymore. But if you are willing to take out time for yourself then we have some exercises which you can make a part of your daily routine. These are simple to do and doesn’t demand for especially taking out time as you can do these in middle of your normal routine.

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The importance exercise during competition

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In my 30 years as a quad amputee physical activity has been the main reason for my weight maintaining a consistent variable. This has been advantages for me staying active. The problem at times has been trying to find activities or exercise machines or just exercises in general to maintain and advance my physical fitness. With over 56 million people with disabilities and only a few being physically fit, I fall into a category in which secondary health conditions can be an issue as I advance in my age. Hence, it is imperative that I develop, maintain and increase my physical fitness regimen.

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Revisiting Program Foundations

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 The Importance of Rapport, Time, and History

One of my social work text books describes rapport as “’a state of compatibility and empathy that permits mutual understanding between the client and the worker.” [i] Achieving mutual understanding between a client and a fitness professional is built over time. I have had an advantage during my latest transition in my exercise and walking program because I already knew the new Movement Specialist I would be working with.

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Ease the Pain

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February is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) awareness month. RA can be diagnosed at any age. It is defined as a systemic inflammatory disease that affects the lining of our joints called the synovial membrane. It is classified as an autoimmune condition that is found in 5 or more joints and normally diagnosed within 6 months of symptom onset.

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A New Chapter Begins

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I have pursued my goal of walking without devices full-time for more than 8 years. I have had many transitions on my journey, but throughout these years, I have stayed at the same fitness facility.  On December 1, 2014, I started a new chapter when I began to work with a new training team.  The Movement Specialist and trainer with whom I worked successfully for more than five years moved on to another professional opportunity. 

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Options for Back Pain

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It is the most obvious fact that anyone struggling with a back pain for any course of time thinks that spine surgery is the one and only treatment option. But in fact, there are many different types of non-surgical treatments too that can help in reducing majority of the back problems. These non-surgical treatments are also referred as non-surgical or conservative therapies.

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Why are we celebrating?

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On the day we remember Dr. King, the man who was instrumental in writing the Civil Rights Act, which was signed in 1964 to benefit all Americans, there is still one group of citizens who still wait. These are the 57 million Americans with disabilities who are still waiting to have laws passed over 40 years ago to address issues such as basic fitness, recreation, and sport participation.

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Tired of being tired?

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January is thyroid awareness month. Thyroid conditions are an issue that most people don’t realize they have; or in my case been dealing with the condition for 22 years. Fatigue is usually the first noticeable symptom and then a laundry list of others follows.

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3 Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy When You Have Arthritis

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Staying fit and healthy can be a major accomplishment on its own. However, adding arthritis into the mix can make it seem like an impossible feat to accomplish. Fortunately, with the right exercise, natural herbs and incorporation of a healthy eating plan into your everyday regimen, you can enjoy a healthy, active and fit lifestyle.

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