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5 Challenges to Maintaining Regular Exercise Regimen

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Do you have a hard time maintaining a regular exercise schedule? Most people do. If staying motivated to hit the gym was easy, there wouldn’t be so many people giving up on their fitness resolutions in mid-February, and gyms would stay packed year round. You might see very fit people and wonder how they do it. Is it willpower? Innate athleticism? Of course, it varies. The journey to physical fitness is different for everyone, and you might be surprised to learn that the people you envy had a tough road to get where they are. Staying on track can be a challenge, but these 5 barriers to regular exercise CAN be overcome. Let’s take a look.

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Why Mindset is Essential to Any Exercise Program

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Why do so many of us give up on regular exercise, even though it makes us feel so good? Because it’s hard. The hardest part about exercising regularly, however, isn’t our own physical limitations most of the time. Whether you’re someone with a disability struggling to stay fit or someone who is having trouble sticking with a regular exercise program, the problem is often rooted in mental roadblocks. Exercise routines are endlessly adaptable, and even though they should include challenges for your body, your mind may be what’s holding you back from success. Here’s why the right positive fitness mindset is so essential to any exercise program.

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Why an Inefficient Workout is an Efficient Workout

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A good friend asked for my opinion the other day about two exercise routines. She was in a debate with her co-worker about which one was more “efficient.”

When speaking about exercise, efficiency can be misleading. When we think about things that are efficient, we think about something that’s smooth, streamlined and easy. Typically in life, more efficiency is considered better.

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How to create a specific exercise program for a special needs athlete

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What elements should be included in an exercise program? The question seems straight forward enough – but the answers that I have heard in my 30 years of teaching and coaching range range from the helpful to the bizarre. I have benefitted from a running program carefully designed to develop speed, strength and flexibility. But I was also once advised to fill a backpack with heavy rocks and sprint down hill so as to “stress my bones.”   That advice cast a new application for the theatrical phrase: “Break a leg!”

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