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Disability sport facing similar issues as women’s sport

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I recently stumbled across an article in the Boston Globe by Shira Springer entitled, “Why do fans ignore women’s pro sports?” You can find it here because it’s worth the read:

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Beginning Stages of Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

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Traumatic brain injury, often called TBI, occurs when the soft tissues of the brain strike the interior surfaces of the skull. The injury to the brain can range from mild to severe, and it can cause a number of symptoms, including speech and language problems, gait problems, headache, unconsciousness or even coma. Medical support is critical in minimizing the damage from TBI and in helping the patient to maximize their recovery.

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Disability in the workplace: Employer rights and responsibilities

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It is against the law to discriminate against people in the workplace simply because of their appearance, gender, or religion. Similarly, it is also illegal to discriminate against people who may have disabilities, whether they are already part of the workforce or an applicant for a vacant position. This does not only include obvious physical disabilities, such as if a person uses a wheelchair or has ambulatory issues, but also people with intellectual, sensory, and nuerological disabilities.

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Think Pink with a splash of water…

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October brings Cancer awareness and Women’s health issues to focus however, let’s add some water to the mix. Water exercise has a wide range of benefits to anyone who has become de-conditioned from cancer.

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Speech Related Issues

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People who have autism or other speech related issues face the problem of communicating socially and may also have behavior problems. The main objective of speech therapy is to improve all the vital aspects of communication including auditory processing. It is used to treat a number of speech related issues in which people face problems in creating or forming speech sounds which is required to communicate with others. The most three common speech related disorders are as follows: dis-fluency, articulation and voice disorders. Speech therapy is probably the best solution to treat these speech related issues.

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Go the extra mile

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Perhaps you know someone who has a disability and you want to do all you can to provide support. Whatever the reason behind your desires, there are some things you can do in order to truly lend a hand and give someone a leg up. This can either mean you get directly involved with an organization or a group of people, or it can mean you go the extra mile and actually get trained in a particular field. The truth is that no matter what avenue you choose helping anyone will never be a waste of your time.

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Stop before Work-Related Stress Becomes a Health Issue

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The nature of how work is done has changed radically over the years. It is a far more competitive and cutthroat world today than ever before. Long hours, inadequate rest and constant pressure to perform can take a huge toll on the mental health of anyone.

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Brain Injury 101

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1.7 million cases of traumatic brain injury occur each year in America and require hospitalization. In all cases, damage to the brain can cause changes of consciousness that may be short-term or longer lasting. Many patients stricken with TBI suffer with reduced levels of functioning in multiple areas of life. Despite the severity of its consequences and the frequency of its occurrence, traumatic brain injury is still widely misunderstood. Below is a deeper look at brain injury.

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Eleanor Roosevelt

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Today, MSN is highlighting powerful facts about a few first ladies, including Eleanor Roosevelt, the 32nd First Lady.

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Sittin’ Sexy Part II

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I will always have some impairment in my right hand. Bowel and bladder issues, which I’ll address down the road, continue to be a heady annoyance from time to time. I do not have trunk control, which would be REALLY handy for a lot of things. What I did gain, however, was an in-depth understanding of the bias in legislation, the “right way” (re: WRONG) to address/ignore a person with a disability, and social norms that WE constantly face but that were hidden to me before. Having seen the “in-group/out-group” bias from both perspectives helped me to put together a pretty unique worldview and eased communication with/between able-bodied (“ABs”) and functionally impaired individuals alike. Although encouraged by my progress when finally discharged from rehab, I couldn’t help but think… “Yeah, that’s all well and good…but now what?”

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