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“Glee” star appointed to Obama’s Committee

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About 3 years ago we were introduced to the Fox hit TV show “Glee”. The show became an instant favorite with fans and continues to have a large following today. The show is a combination of singing, drama and comedy all rolled into one. A few seasons ago, Glee introduced a new character to the John Adams High Crew, Becky Johnson; she was to become the newest member of the cheerleading squad.  For me, new addition of Becky to the Glee cast was great because Becky is an individual with Down Syndrome. Though Becky Johnson, played by Lauren Potter, is not the first Glee cast member with a disability, the fact that the show decided to add another character with a disability spoke volumes to me about the show and producers behind it.

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Teens with Down Syndrome Crowned at the Prom

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According to a story in USA today, one mother in Loveland, Ohio, Mary Alten “remembers being determined, yet afraid, when she enrolled her daughter in preschool”.  Her daughter, Toni Alten-Crowe was born with Down Syndrome.  Mary Alton was told to put her daughter in a school specifically for people with disabilities.

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World Down Syndrome Day

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Monday, March 21, 2011 is World Down Syndrome Day.  The date is important because it’s named is derived from the most common form of Down syndrome: Trisomy 21 (Three 21). People all over the world will be celebrating this event.  For those that live with down syndrome, both the individual and the caregiver, this event signifies that people with down syndrome are just like anyone else. 

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Monica and David: A Love Story

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After Monica and David, both in their 30s, met and fell in love, they became engaged. That is when the hullaballoo really started.

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