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Advocating for Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

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How inclusive is your workplace? While there are laws in place to help protect people with disabilities from discrimination and exclusion in the workplace, the reality is that exclusion happens every day in the United States and worldwide. Companies need to be aware that not only is discrimination a legal violation, it shortchanges opportunities to stay competitive and innovative. 56 million people (19% of the population) in the United States have a disability, and ignoring those voices can result in missed business opportunities and goodwill from potential customers. People are living longer these days (and working longer), so disability inclusion will continue to be an issue that needs constant reevaluation and effort. So how can you advocate for disability inclusion in your workplace?

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Married to the Chair- Coaching

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Have I ever mentioned that my husband and I coach track, field, and archery? Well, he coaches field and archery and I coach track and basically act as team “mom” while my husband is the “fun” one. For three or so months out of every year our life gets put on hold… the grass doesn’t get mowed, there are only weeds in the garden, our fridge remains empty, and our friends forget who we are because track season is upon us.

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