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The Controversy Behind “The Cure”: Friend or Foe?

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The current discourse, which caters to the support for the advancement toward a ‘cure,’ is a highly controversial topic within the disability rights community. Yet when the discussion towards finding a ‘cure’ arises more often than not very little tribute goes to activists with disabilities who speak against the need for a ‘cure’.

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Who Is an Expert?

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In the 15 years that I have been working with people who have disabilities, I have continuously gained new insight and information about various conditions.  In my line of work, I interact daily with people who are living with different disabilities and conditions.  Many have the same disability and yet much like snowflakes, no two people experience their disabilities in the same way.  The question I ask today, what exactly is the definition of an expert?  Can any person really master any disability or illness to the point of calling themselves an ‘Expert’?

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Going for A Walk-Part 2

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The partnership with James began in December 2009. He made it clear to me during our workout sessions that he understands my goals and has embraced them. Together we may experiment with adaptive exercises, but I am not a specimen and James has never treated me as one. He is courteous and has a thoughtful professionalism. He periodically checks in to gain feedback for exercise progression and fatigue levels as we work.

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Going for A Walk

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Like most people who have a disability, I want to be involved, active, and participate. I have always refused to be isolated and my parents constantly supported my full participation. They knew I wanted to be “in” and included, so they helped me find the methods for that to happen by means of modified equipment or a modified approach.

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Inclusion in High School Sports

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Looking back on my experience in high school, my fondest memory is being part of the swim team. Being that I have cerebral palsy I could not not swim the same times as other swimmers, but I practiced and competed with my peers.

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Most Viewed and Reported on Disability YouTube Videos

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I find it amazing how much more a video can impact an individual than simply reading a story in the newspaper. I am constantly finding myself intrigued at the YouTube videos posted by my friends, family and co-workers. Some of the most touching and motivating moments caught on camera and posted online for millions of viewers to see can be thought provoking.

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Helping Hands with Capuchin Monkeys

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Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time, so instead of a service dog to assist a person with disabilities, how about two helping hands in the form of a Monkey Helper?

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A Body In Motion

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Many years ago Reebok ran a great commercial based on Newton’s Laws of motion.  The take away from that commercial was “A body in motion, stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest”.  I wonder if Newton knew that within his statement was the perfect exercise prescription!

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Is Quality of Healthcare Just Luck?

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I recently had the opportunity to have lunch and good conversation with two individuals living with Fibromyalgia (among other conditions), but Fibro was their common thread.  What struck me though, was how different their experiences were not only with Fibro itself, but even more so, how different their experiences with healthcare, and specifically healthcare professionals, were.

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Motivational Speaker Kicked Off Plane As “Too Disabled to Fly”

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Johnnie Tuitel is an advocate and motivation speaker with cerebral palsy who was traveling to a give a speech in Kansas City to the National Self Advocacy Conference about people with disabilities. Johnnie’s wheelchair had been tagged, taken to be loaded as baggage, and he was already seated when a U.S. Airways gate agent returned with a narrow aisle chair to take Johnnie off the plane. Johnnie said people were pointing and staring at him. He was embarrassed and “humiliated” when U.S. Airways removed him from the flight because he was “too disabled to fly.”

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