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Summer Exercises

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For the last 2 months, I been in full swing in my off-season exercise plan. Thank God!  Since rugby season ended in April I always feel as if I

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Goalball Anyone?

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard about Goalball.  My high school basketball coach arranged for my team to meet with Jen Armbruster, a member of Team USA Goalball, that won a gold medal at the Paralympics in Beijing, China in 2008. As we walked into a room generally used for the football team meetings, I had no idea what I was about to hear.  My basketball coach asked Jen to come speak with us, because we were having

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The Physician as a Partner: Beyond Rapport to True Collaboration

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We’ve all gotten that standard form letter that contains the dreaded line, “your physician will be leaving.”  In my case, the recent letter announced that my physiatrist, Dr. A. would be leaving the region marking the end of a seven-year relationship. The unexpected news caused me to stop and reflect on Dr. A’s role in the development of my walking program.  What established the positive working alliance between us?  When I originally embarked on my journey to walk device- free, I did not know what a Physiatrist was or what a critical role this specialty would play in my progression.

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What do you call it?

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I was asked to comment on obesity and if it should be considered a physical disability. In our world today, this issue has become a stigma in our culture because of the fixation on being thin or skinny.  Many believe that anyone who is not thin or skinny is considered unattractive.  Interestingly, if this is truly part of our cultural mindset then this would seem to make many of us unattractive. Regardless, what it does is continue to ostracize and abandon a group of society who are looking

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What’s in a Dietitian’s Shopping Cart? Part 2: Quick Meals

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Even as a dietitian I find it hard to grocery shop every once in a while. What do I want to eat? What will I actually cook? What is healthy AND flavorful? All of these questions run through my head when I’m on my way to the store. It is on these days that I use my quick and easy meal list which I have memorized over time. It is always a good idea to have a handful of recipes that you can recollect on the spot. This may be even more important if you have a physical disability that causes you to fatigue quickly. You don’t want to be trolling down every aisle to find what you need or to get ideas for your next meal because that is just wasted energy. I invite you to take a peek into my shopping cart and try out some of the recipes I use when I’m stuck in a grocery store rut.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

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Out of all the parts of the human body, the brain is undeniably the most mysterious and complex. Recently, more and more studies have emerged revealing the vast power the brain has to influence the body with even the simplest concepts. In fact, current research has shown how positive thinking in itself can have a significant effect in healing and longevity. Especially for sufferers of traumatic brain injuries, positive thinking is key, along with the help of therapeutic resources. These could include informative articles and support groups, such as the ones found through TryMunity, a resourceful virtual network of compassionate individuals who have all been affected by traumatic brain injury in one way or another.

But why exactly is positive thinking so powerful?

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Summer Plans?

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Since the summer is in full swing I have been able to maintain my rugby playing weight. I have gained a couple of pounds but nothing to get too stressed about. The different workouts I have planned should knock the gained weight off or just keep in at a manageable number. When the rugby season ended

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I Wish I Had Known…

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My aunt works for the Greater Boston Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, whose headquarters are located in the new Spaulding Rehabilitation Center where my dad underwent therapy. Among other great things (like a Peer Visitation program connecting people with new injuries to those who have been living with a disability for a while), they have been collecting “I Wish I Had Known” statements from individuals and families who have been touched by disability. I thought it would be valuable to start

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The New Accessible Icon

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There’s a new icon on the streets.  Check out the changes from the 1968 Universal Accessibility Icon.  Compare the head position, the legs, and the arms.

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Accepting the Changes When a Loved One Goes Through Traumatic Brain Injury

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When a loved one is involved in an accident or an attack that leads to a traumatic brain injury, it is hard to understand and accept the changes that inevitably occur. Accepting that the brain does not replenish cells and that certain memories are lost forever is hard, but it is also necessary to move forward and accept that individual despite the changes. Learning to accept the changes may take time, but it will provide the opportunity to continue caring and avoid unhealthy emotions.

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