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World Glaucoma Week Brings Awareness, Information

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World Glaucoma Week is March 8 to the 14. This is a joint initiative of both the World Glaucoma Patients Association (WGPA) and World Glaucoma Association (WGA) in hopes of raising awareness toward glaucoma. It’s also a time to spread awareness on how it can affect you and your eyesight.

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The Hidden Downside of Workplace Wellness Programs

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Stress management workshops, gym membership reimbursement, support groups and flu shot clinics are popular examples of workplace wellness programs. Wondering if your employer offers this type of program? There is a good chance it does — more than 90 percent of large employers and 73 percent of small employers offer this employee perk.

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Out of the Mouth of Babes

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Over the 30 years as a person living with a disability, I have encountered many people who just want to know what happened. “How did you lose your hands and legs?” It is a simple question, in which I always give a simple response. “I contracted a blood disease.” However, this question can become complicated if the individual inquiring is uncertain as to how to phrase it. Regularly, the question becomes desensitized or sugar-coated.  

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Another Barrier Removed

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On February 20, a federal judge in Broward County, Florida ruled that a service can be used to on public school property to provide assistance to a young man with a disability as he attended school. With this ruling, a young student will now have the benefit of having an animal provide assistance as he attends school. Now, this story may not seem like a big deal. However, a new precedence has been set in the allowing of a service animal to attend school with a youth with a disability.

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Heart and Stroke

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This past month was the month of love because we celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 14th. We receive heart-shaped boxes of chocolates from loved ones as an expression of their feelings for us. It was also heart and stroke month too. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), every year, about 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke.* Stroke is also an important cause in disability since it reduces mobility in more than half the stroke survivors aged 65 and older.* That doesn’t mean that a stroke can only happen to an older person. A stroke can happen to anyone at any age. Heart health is a major issue for people with disabilities too.

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4 Important Childcare Resources for Parents with Disabilities

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Whether you are a person with a disability or dealing with a medical condition that has limited your mobility, it can be difficult to take care of children on a daily basis. This problem becomes exacerbated if you are currently undergoing regular treatments such as dialysis or chemotherapy. After all, it is typically not possible to take small children with you when you receive treatment, and not everyone is able to rely on family or friends to help out. Fortunately, there are some programs available that could help you take care of everything without sacrificing your healthcare needs in order to keep your children safe.

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The importance exercise during competition

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In my 30 years as a quad amputee physical activity has been the main reason for my weight maintaining a consistent variable. This has been advantages for me staying active. The problem at times has been trying to find activities or exercise machines or just exercises in general to maintain and advance my physical fitness. With over 56 million people with disabilities and only a few being physically fit, I fall into a category in which secondary health conditions can be an issue as I advance in my age. Hence, it is imperative that I develop, maintain and increase my physical fitness regimen.

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No Arms, No Legs, No Problem

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Over the last month I have had the most wonderful experience of being able to talk about my biography that was released over two months ago. It is not everyday that you write a biography and more than anything speak about it. I have been asked why would a person buy my this book about a person with a disability? The book has received critical acclaim but more than anything is a testament that the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle can change the landscape of a person with a disability especially while living in society that is not inclusive. It is through having a recreational and competitive endeavors that barriers can be removed.

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Revisiting Program Foundations

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 The Importance of Rapport, Time, and History

One of my social work text books describes rapport as “’a state of compatibility and empathy that permits mutual understanding between the client and the worker.” [i] Achieving mutual understanding between a client and a fitness professional is built over time. I have had an advantage during my latest transition in my exercise and walking program because I already knew the new Movement Specialist I would be working with.

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NBA Inclusive Ideology

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I know not everyone is a fan of the National Basketball Association (NBA). I know there are many us who prefer wheelchair basketball and other activities. However if you did not get the opportunity to enjoy this weekend’s NBA All-Star break then you really missed a treat. You missed a unique opportunity to watch celebrities, basketball skills, celebrations and people with disabilities all having a few laughs. What, people with disabilities?

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