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The Program Framework

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Kerry and I began training together about nine months ago. As a Nursing student and Trainer, I have had some clinical experience with Cerebral Palsy (CP), but prior to working with Kerry, I had never worked with a person with CP in functional movement training. Kerry’s goal to walk without assistive devices full-time was a big undertaking and a bit daunting.

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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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Collaboration is a dynamic, creative, and interconnected process. My walking program has been built upon collaboration. From the beginning, I have combined approaches from a wide range of Health, Medical, Rehabilitation, and Fitness disciplines. I have used methods from physical therapy, yoga, dance, and functional movement to support my overall fitness and walking efforts. I have brought together professionals to contribute their knowledge and expertise in the advancement of my efforts to walk device-free. I engage professionals to problem-solve and develop new targeted strategies to improve my strength, flexibility, and other aspects of mobility.

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Disability and Unemployment

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For years I have always heard that unemployment for people with disabilities has been at or around 70%. This number has always been the same in my 10 plus years of public speaking, 20 years in the workforce of serving people with disabilities and the 30 plus years that I have been a person with a disability. At times it seems as if this would never change. How can it? How would we know for sure? Something has got to change. What can be done to make a dent in this number?

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Strategies for survival

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When faced with disability, it may have a profound impact on you, but it can transform your life in unexpected ways. Adjusting to your new reality can be a struggle but it can be overcome. You can battle and continue to live life successfully by keeping certain things in mind.

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Summer Survival Tips for Your Hearing Aid

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Summer is a busy time for most people. There are days spent by the pool, trips to the beach, and more time, overall, spent in the great outdoors. If you wear a hearing aid, the increased exposure to elements such as water and heat that occur during the summer can cause damage to your devices.

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When trying to decide what to write for this week I kept coming back to the fact that schools across my portion of the country are beginning to start back and many of those students will have disabilities. Here are a few tips and explanations to help the beginning of your school year go as smoothly as possible.

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The National problem of Bullying and the forgotten population: Students with Disabilities

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Bullying is nothing new. For years, it was just a part of some people’s experience at school.  Whether it was because a new person arrived at school that didn’t fit in with a particular crowd, or even sometimes it was just because kids were bored with the atmosphere and they saw bullying someone else as “something to pass the time”.

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No Limits to Life

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Today, our country has provided more and more youth with disabilities opportunities to be part of recreation and competitive sport. Now, more than ever, laws and opportunities are in place to continue to make this a growing reality.

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Prosthetics vs. CMS Cuts

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I have been a below knee amputee since 1988 and a prosthetist for more than 25 years. In that time, I have seen and experienced advancements in comfort, performance, and durability that surprise even me. As a result of these advancements, I am able to wear my prosthesis from 6 o’clock in the morning until around 12 o’clock at night with no problems.

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Got Water?

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August is Spinal Muscle Atrophy (SMA) awareness month.  SMA is an autosomal (chromosome) recessive disease caused by a mutation in the gene which encodes proteins that is responsible for the survival of motor neurons.   There are 7 documented types of SMA.  They are distinguished by the pattern of features.  They have a common feature of progressive muscle wasting and mobility impairment. SMA affects 1 in 10,000 and about 1 in 50 are carriers.

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