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National Healthy Skin Month

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It’s National Healthy Skin Month, and World Wide Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day (November 19th) is just around the corner.  It is important to raise awareness about pressure sores because they can become infected or even life-threatening very quickly.

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Now that is a Treat!

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As we approach the holiday season. I enjoy traveling and participating in all types of activities. I am always down for all the different ways to celebrate Halloween. I enjoy it because in life it’s great to celebrate and fellowship with each other. At this time of year, celebrating is all right with me.

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Questions arise from Neal’s airline issue

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The 29-year-old man with cerebral palsy allegedly waited more than 30 minutes on a United Airlines plane parked at a Reagan International Airport gate while workers were supposed to bring an aisle wheelchair to his seat so he could get off the plane and go to the restroom. So, he decided to crawl down the aisle to disembark the plane and get his own wheelchair.

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National Depression Education and Awareness Month

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While many people start the day with a positive attitude quotes, for some who suffer from depression and other psychological disorders, sometimes this just isn’t possible.

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Happy Diversity Awareness Month!

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Did you know that people with disabilities are the nation’s largest minority? 

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Athletes on the Move

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With our nation’s quest to fight obesity and health issues, there is one of group of Athlete’s that are setting a standard of excellence that everyone should reach for. These are athletes that are visually impaired. They are on the move and taking this country with them. These Athletes may have vision impairments but they are trendsetters in regards to athletic inclusion.

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A Dad’s Perspective

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I was asked to write a blog about raising a child with a disability from a Dad’s perspective.  At first I thought this would be a great topic.  But then I was like, “what the heck is a blog”? So, after discussing what a “ blog” is, I am like, I can do this because a blog is just like talking to someone, but in written form versus spoken. I can do that because I sell for a living and can talk forever, the hard part is to make it worthy of reading.  I hope you like my perspective/story.

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Holiday Exercise?

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It is slowly getting to that time of year when we embark upon our holiday fun and festivities let’s not forget that as much as we want to get away from it all let’s not forget to do what we typically do when we are not on break. That is Exercise! More importantly, let’s try to over indulge on things that we typically do indulge on. That would be everything! 

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Waterski World Championships 2015

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The 12th Disabled Water Ski World Championships was held in Elk Grove, California (near Sacramento) September 24-27, 2015.  The event was held on Shortline Lake (my second favorite lake to ski on in the world) with the support and hospitality of the lake owners (including the Bush and Detirck Families).  On its slow, blue water 48 skiers from 11 countries slalomed, tricked, and jumped their hearts out to try to win the gold for their team and country. Ultimately, the United States came away with the team gold,  Australia took silver, and Italy took the bronze medal. Lakeshore’s own athletes Joe Ray took 8th overall in the men’s seated division and the team gold with the USA and Derek Vanderbom took 3rd overall in the men’s seated division and the silver medal with team Australia.

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CP Is Not All Negative

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October 7, 2015 was World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day and while the reader response, both from commenters and social media, to my last post on CP (here) was good, I could not help but feel like my post had painted cerebral palsy in an overly negative light. I wrote that post as an introduction to what, in general, CP can involve and I feel like I succeeded quite well. However, the more times I read the post, the more I could not shake the feeling that I made it appear as though CP was awful and everything that it entails is negative. That is definitely not true. This may sound crazy to some people but I would not change a thing about my CP. Here is why:

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