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How to Get a Great Upper Body Workout

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One of the chief concerns among many people with disabilities is staying in shape. Secondary health conditions are an issue for people with disabilities. If you are a wheelchair user obesity can become an issue due to sedentary lifestyle. It’s a valid concern, but one that can easily be addressed. There are various programs available that will help people who use wheelchairs to stay healthy and physically active.

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A US Journey

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With the US National team playing at the American Zonals at Lakeshore this weekend it made me reflect on the 7 years of my life that I was part of the US Rugby Program. What always first comes to mind about those days were the life-long friendships that I have developed over the years of playing. These friendships are life sustaining for one reason, a shared commitment.

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The 2013 Government Shutdown: Services and Facilities for People with Disabilities

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As of October 1st, the government shutdown of 2013 has put a temporary freeze on a range of Federally funded services and facilities pertaining to people with disabilities. Historically, shutdowns of the United States government have lasted anywhere from a day to several weeks. With non-essential services on pause until a solution is reached, here’s what individuals with disabilities can expect from government services in the interim:

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Fall into a Pattern

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Since the fall season is in full swing, I feel so much better with my daily schedule and activities. I feel like I have been reborn to some degree because my activities throughout the week are all set in stone. I feel so driven because my activities, exercises, practices, and work are all set up on a calendar in which I am all prepared for each day. I basically have my fall season planned out for each day. This is great for me considering I just spent the summer free lancing it. I can then focus on just bringing a fun-filled attitude for when it’s time to exercise.

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AXIS Dance Summer Intensive 2013

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“You’re a walkie and I’m a wheelie,” Mollie said to me.

“I’m a what?”

“A walkie.  I’m a wheelie.” 

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When Disability “Bumps” into Normal

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I was traveling recently to Boise, ID for a US Paralympic Sports Clinic to teach some strength and conditioning to professionals.   There was a person in the airport who most likely had autism as well as some form of lower body impairment.  The periodic yelps and physical repetitive tics of the young girl were obviously unsettling to those around her.  Her family was unscathed by the behavior, but it was interesting to watch as those around her just got their “normal” bumped into a bit.  I think it begs the discussion of what is normal?  And why be bothered by it?

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Coaches need practice too

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“Most people get excited about games, but I’ve got to be excited about practice, because that’s my classroom.”
– Pat Summitt

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Funding your sports/recreation habit

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In my first blog I wrote about sit-water skiing and I mentioned how expensive it is to do.  It’s not just water skiing that is expensive; most sports/recreation equipment and/or training for people with disabilities are expensive.  I didn’t own my hand cycle until I was 25 years old.  It wasn’t like I could run down to Kmart and buy an $80 dollar bike.  I had to spend $1200 for a hand cycle (it was 50% off).  As daunting as the cost of equipment or training may be, it should not

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Rock, Paper, Scissors….RUN!

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As we have found out before, finding group games for youth that are wheelchair friendly can be difficult. Here is an example of one that we use at Lakeshore in our F.R.E.S.H. (Fitness, Recreation, Exercise, Sports, and Health) program.  This is one we like to call “Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors”. The kids seem to love this game, as well as our staff members. It requires no

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Pilates For People with Disabilities

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“Pilates cannot be performed by a person with physical disability or injury” is a widespread myth. The reality is quite the opposite. Pilates is implemented as a physical alternative therapy in various rehabilitation centers. Most people picture aerobics or high intensity movements when Pilates is discussed. There are more than 500 Pilates exercises and most of them have smooth movements and can be performed without standing or sitting.

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