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The U.S. Open

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As you are probably aware, the US Open Tennis Championships are currently taking place. But while TV and social media pages are filled with comments from the matches, I have yet to hear a single word about the Wheelchair Divisions.

Posted by Kelly Bonner Sep 05, 2014 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

5 Wellness Guidelines

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Life can seem colorless and a chore if you have a chronic illness or have recently acquired a disability. You are going to have to get used to a new way of living. There’s naturally issues of anger, grief, and self-doubt inside you. It would be the easiest thing in the world to sink into depression and start looking at life in terms of what you’ve lost rather than all that which you have still got going for you. You are probably in no mood to be preached to, but the fact that you are reading this article indicates that you are a positive person that wants to try to do something about how you feel. That your main challenge in life is to make the most of what you have been given.

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Go the extra mile

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Perhaps you know someone who has a disability and you want to do all you can to provide support. Whatever the reason behind your desires, there are some things you can do in order to truly lend a hand and give someone a leg up. This can either mean you get directly involved with an organization or a group of people, or it can mean you go the extra mile and actually get trained in a particular field. The truth is that no matter what avenue you choose helping anyone will never be a waste of your time.

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Depression And Sport

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Robin Williams’ recent suicide has brought the topic of depression and mental health once again into the public sphere. Like Williams, many other comedians, both past and present, have suffered from depression and psychological demons. Indeed, while they appear bright and invincible onstage, behind closed doors many of these professional funnymen often struggle with self-loathing and the tragic spiral of self-destruction.

Posted by Henry Croft Aug 19, 2014 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

Sudden Disability

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Disabilities caused by an injury or sudden illness such as a stroke, an accident, or complications from surgery can be extremely difficult to endure. For example, pineal tumors are located deep within the brain and can cause a host of serious issues, including visual impairments, memory problems, and seizures. If the tumor grows large enough, it can even be life-threatening.

Posted by Chris Meloni Aug 14, 2014 Posted in Disability 6 Comments

Weightlifting: How to get started

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From an early age we are told that exercising with resistance training, and cardiovascular activity will help us live longer and healthier lives. However, people with disabilities may see this as an oxymoron since many may already have secondary health issues such as heart and lung problems. If a person with a disability has secondary health issues how can they exercise effectively?

Posted by Adam Foster Jul 30, 2014 Posted in Disability 2 Comments

Unified Sports: Building Teamwork Between Students of all Ability Levels

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Students with special needs often feel ostracized in their schools, despite efforts to integrate them into the least restrictive environment. General Education (ed.) students sometimes don’t know how to interact with their peers with disabilities. They might ignore special ed. students, act overeager to help them or, in the worst scenarios, bully them.

Posted by Chris Meloni Jul 25, 2014 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

Exercise . . . no thank you?

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Exercise has the potential to prevent chronic disease, improve the health of someone with a chronic disease and help reduce the risk of additional chronic diseases. Regrettably, we know that 47 percent of adults with disabilities who are able to do aerobic physical activity don’t do so.

Posted by Allan Checkoway Jul 24, 2014 Posted in Disability, Obesity 1 Comment

General Nutrition And Diet Tips For Swimmers with Disabilities

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My last blog post discussed the plethora of benefits that swimming can have for people with physical and Intellectual disabilities. Indeed, the pool is particularly a popular haven during the summer. Many swimmers are seeking to go on to become fine swimmers at club, district, and national levels. One of the best ways of improving performance and excelling is to stick to an appropriate nutrition plan.

Posted by Henry Croft Jul 17, 2014 Posted in Disability 3 Comments

Golf Anybody

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A physical disability refers to a limitation on a person’s physical functioning. These disabilities can cause a person to have many obstacles throughout a single day. Many people who have physical disabilities such as paraplegia believe that physical activity and recreational sports are not possible. This is where people are wrong.

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