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Age before Need: A Flawed Premise?

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Ask a teacher or coach this question: When is a special needs athlete ready for competitive sports? The answers may surprise you for they can reveal the coaches’ sports philosophy, personal beliefs, and maybe even hint at a bias about the capabilities of the athletes they work with. Some coaches believe that the earlier an athlete starts competition the better they will be prepared for challenges later in their sporting lives.  Other coaches – myself included – believe that such a decision is best determined by assessing each athlete’s capabilities (physical and intellectual) and their interests in competition; not by their age. I do not view chronology as a good predictor of athletic readiness.

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Special needs athletes and soccer: When rules ignore needs

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Parents of special needs athletes, deciding that now is the time for their child to enjoy the benefits of school or community sports, will seek ways to find the right environment for their child. They will look for programs that encourage inclusion, promote their child’s sports development and have coaches that understand that their child may learn, think or behave in different ways.  My recent experience attempting to enroll my son in community soccer shows that unfortunately things do not always follow this script.

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New Rules for Homeless People with Disabilities

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A new in Austin, Texas now allows homeless individuals with physical or mental disabilities to sit or lie down on sidewalks for up to 30 minutes. Before, this 6-year-old ordinance aimed at keeping the homeless from lingering in front of downtown shops, homes and bars now makes exceptions for people with disabilities.

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Veterans with Disabilities Receive Tax Break

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The state of Virginia has recently passed legislation that would mandate Virginia localities to grant a real estate tax exemption for the principal residence of a veteran, or his or her surviving spouse, if the veteran has a 100 percent, service-connected, permanent and total disability. There are hundreds of veterans that could qualify for this real estate tax exemption.

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No Place Like Home

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One of my top priorities upon completion of my book (“101 Games and Activities for Youth with Autism”) was a return home to Pittsburgh to thank family, friends, and relatives for their support.

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Are you a teacher, coach or educator of sports for special needs athletes?

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Are you a teacher, an educator or a coach of sports? Is there any difference? The distinctions between the three are not necessarily obvious. Not all coaches are good teachers. They may have an excellent knowledge of the sport, understand its skills and tactics, and yet be very poor at sharing their expertise with their athletes. Likewise, not all teachers are good sports coaches; they may have a sound grasp of pedagogy (how an activity can best be delivered) but lack the insight and experience a coach might bring to the sport.

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Man’s Best Friend-More Beneficial than you Think

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An article was just released this week about a study at  Michigan State University about how individuals that walked their dog were 34 percent more likely to reach the federal physical activity benchmarks.

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The Value of the Struggle

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Success in sports enriches our lives and provides us a sense of accomplishment when we achieve our goals.  The thrill of a race finished, a goal that has been scored, or the completion of a task that was considered too difficult spurs us on to ever greater sporting ambitions.

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Books for Kids with Disabilities

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As a young child, Katherine Schneider, now a clinical psychologist, realized the lack of books about and for people with disabilities. As a result 7 years ago, she created the Schneider Family Book Award. Katherine has a visual impairment and this was her way to thank the people who had helped her throughout her life. The book award is given to books that “embody an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences” and to spotlight well-written children’s books about people with disabilities.

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The Possibility

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Have a challenge? Find a solution. Many years ago Max Larcen wanted to work, but could not find employment. Max has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair. His father, Garth, has experience in the restaurant business. Max had a challenge. Garth found a solution.

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