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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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Collaboration is a dynamic, creative, and interconnected process. My walking program has been built upon collaboration. From the beginning, I have combined approaches from a wide range of Health, Medical, Rehabilitation, and Fitness disciplines. I have used methods from physical therapy, yoga, dance, and functional movement to support my overall fitness and walking efforts. I have brought together professionals to contribute their knowledge and expertise in the advancement of my efforts to walk device-free. I engage professionals to problem-solve and develop new targeted strategies to improve my strength, flexibility, and other aspects of mobility.

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Visual Impairment and Physical Activity

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As we all know, physical activity helps in keeping us healthy and strong. From mom and dad to brother and sister, we all need to have physical activity in our daily living. But just starting to exercise can be a difficult process. It can be even more difficult when your child has a visual impairment. What basic information should I know before starting? Before we even begin learning about exercise we should first get permission from your doctor. This will give you information on any physical restrictions, if any, your child may have. Once you obtain permission you can begin. Below are 3 things to consider when working with someone with a visual impairment.

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Michael J Fox Leads The Way . . .

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Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative disease as we know is a progressive, incurable illness. It brings with it impaired balance and coordination, marked by trembling hands, arms, legs, face and stiffness of body. Back in 1998, Michael J. Fox announced he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s seven years earlier at the age of 30.

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Prostate Cancer: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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Prostate cancer is a disease that only affects men, and can be difficult to diagnose initially. Affecting the gland that is responsible for secreting the fluid that contains semen, it is also the second most common cancer diagnosed in men. It was estimated that over 230,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013, and health care officials agree that understanding this disease is the best way to help prevent it from affecting the quality of your life.

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Lyme Disease Awareness

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The month of May signals the start of summer. As Lyme Disease Awareness Month, it also reminds us that we should be on guard to protect ourselves and our loved ones against this increasingly common bacterial infection. You can make good use of this month by learning more about Lyme disease and how it can impact your health and that of your family members. You can also learn what steps to take if you or someone you know suspect that you have Lyme disease.

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April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

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Parkinson’s disease impacts more than one million people in the U.S. and can strike as early as age 50. It affects both men and women equally and as many as 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. With symptoms like tremors, slowed movements, rigid muscles, and altered posture and balance, this condition forces patients to change their everyday lives and relearn how to function in public. Fortunately, the public is becoming more understanding of this condition through efforts such as Parkinson’s Awareness Month each April.

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Ebola- A Deadly Virus

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A disease which has sniffed the lives of millions in the year 1976 during its outbreak in the African countries, especially in the Congo (then Zaire) and Southern Sudan is Ebola virus. This virus has so much destructive potential that it has claimed about 88% of the population during its first outbreak. Now, again Ebola has hit the world again. As of August 18, 2014, it has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) that about 2473 cases are registered out of which 1350 deaths have been confirmed. All these cases and deaths are reported in the African countries like Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

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What to Expect During an X-Ray

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Of all the medical procedures out there, the X-Ray is one of the most diverse. Technicians are able to focus on almost any set of bones in almost any part of the body. Whether you’re getting a quick X-Ray of your teeth for cavities or a scan of your lower leg, here’s what to expect.

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Preventing, Recognizing, and Responding to a Concussion

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Although you obviously go through life taking every possible step to stay safe, and to protect your loved ones from harm, there are certain things that simply can’t be avoided. Accidents and injuries occur all the time, and many times, these issues are nobody’s fault. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help those left to suffer with the physical and mental damage done by an unforeseen car accident, a tumble down the stairs, a slip and fall, or a million other things that can cause trauma. The most serious of injuries, outside of cardiac arrest and severe bleeding, is

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A Tribute to the Ones that Make it Possible

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Everywhere you look you can find some remarkable or touching story regarding those individuals that struggle every day because of some type of a disability, disease, or addiction that has consumed their lives. The individual must be able to endure whatever obstacles are thrown at them, no matter how big or how hard it may be.

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