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The Power of Teamwork: Part 1

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You are a five-year old child, who is shoved into days of soccer practice, clarinet lessons, and Girl Scout cookies in hopes that you learn one very simple concept that you can’t necessarily get directly from your chauffeuring parents: Teamwork.

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“Sticks and Stones” : How they influence learning in sport

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“Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!” You are probably all familiar with that ridiculous rhyme that is thrown about as if it is some sort of protective device against verbal bullying.  Name calling, slurs, and insults do hurt, of course, and people with disabilities and challenges have almost certainly had their share of such experiences. Unfortunately, sports do not have a long history of promoting acceptance, inclusion, or recognizing the value of special needs athletes. The combination of intolerance and exclusion tends to encourage athletes to use harsh and judgmental language to ridicule the performances of an athlete that does not measure up to a particular standard.

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