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General Nutrition And Diet Tips For Swimmers with Disabilities

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My last blog post discussed the plethora of benefits that swimming can have for people with physical and Intellectual disabilities. Indeed, the pool is particularly a popular haven during the summer. Many swimmers are seeking to go on to become fine swimmers at club, district, and national levels. One of the best ways of improving performance and excelling is to stick to an appropriate nutrition plan.

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“All I hear is Applause…”

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Typically I work on the computer, researching or writing, for four to six hours a night. Frequently the topic of focus concerns my walking program, my efforts to walk-device free, and its related impact. My desk is usually covered with piles of paper and I am watching or working from multiple screens on my desktop computer. One screen will contain an article draft. Another will have a research article that I am perusing. Yet another screen will contain the scrolling text and conversations from virtual forums for writers, social workers, educators, or a related subject that I am contemplating.

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A Day In My Life

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Somehow the soft knock at my bedroom door wakes me up quicker than the melodic tone of my 8 a.m. phone alarm.

Elijah, who woke up in the bedroom next to mine two minutes prior to knocking, steps through the door.

He grabs me a pair of sweatpants and a t­-shirt, helps me sit up in my chair, and puts my glasses on. He’s been with me for five years. The morning routine comes as natural as waking up.

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Paying Student Athletes? Part 2

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To Pay or Not To Pay?

At this point, I truly am undecided. By the end of writing this I may feel decided but will probably change my mind on it about 7 times today.

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Learn to Water Ski on dry land

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It is difficult to learn independence while water skiing if you do not have access to a lake, ski, and boat.  However, you can be taught some independence doing dry land practice.  Dry land practice can be done in a pool or on land, depending on what you are practicing.

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ACT2MOVE MOVE2ACT:Not So Same Old, Same Old

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Dr. Bloom and I have now been meeting for 18 months, nearly every Monday, for at least an hour.  I have a 43 page journal documenting these meetings from the first one in June of 2012 when the idea of acting as movement work was an experiment and we were not sure if it would ever happen again all the way to now, January 2014.  The experiment continues.

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Girls on the Run

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What lessons has exercise taught you? In my blog posts, I tend to always go towards the “feelers”–as in I like to explore meaning or purpose behind working out.  I can’t help it.  For me, working out is about so much more than staying fit!

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Turning the “Me” into “We”

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In order to be great you must learn how to be a team.  Part of being a team is figuring out how to use each player’s individual strengths. I have nine unique athletes on my team, and I realized that although I have been writing about them for weeks, I have not introduced each player. So without further delay here is some insight into the nine “Me’s” that make up the “WE” that is the Lakeshore Power:

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Coaches need practice too

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“Most people get excited about games, but I’ve got to be excited about practice, because that’s my classroom.”
– Pat Summitt

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Changing paths

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So the phone call came that changed my path forever along with my family’s life.  I was asked to try this sport called Goalball.  I thought to myself what

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