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Toy guide for children with special needs

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Late last week, I stopped by my local Toys“R”Us to pick-up a few gifts. While walking into the store I passed a kiosk displaying the Toys“R”Us guide for differently-abled kids, I instantly picked up a copy and began to flip through it. Upon opening the Guide I found that not only were dozens of toys listed but next to each of the toys there was a picture stating which important developmental areas each specific toy could help to enhance. For example, according to the Guide, the Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail targets fine motor, visual, auditory, thinking and gross motor skill development.

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Gift Ideas For Wheelchair Users

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Christmas is just around the corner and if you are shopping for a friend or loved one who uses a wheelchair, we have a few suggestions which may help you in your search.

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