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How You Can Encourage Your Child To Be Active

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Just recently, I noticed kids are not into games that actually make them go out and spread a leg or run or do something that can count as physical activity. Ask any parent about what games do their kids love to play and you’ll get a list of PlayStation games or the games they download on their phones. Only a slight percentage of children these days, are actually a part of something which can be counted as physical activity. Although being physically active is essential for children in order to stimulate their growth in a healthy manner.

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10 After School Activities for Students with Learning Difficulties

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Make no mistake – students with learning disabilities may be smarter, a lot smarter, than their peers. Does Einstein ring a bell? This theoretical physicist and arguably the smartest man who ever lived was dyslexic. So were Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci before him.

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2016 Global School Play Day

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The hassles and obligations of being an adult often make me wish that I was still a child growing up in my beautiful Puerto Rico. A wise educator once said:  “It is not that men quit playing because they grow old but men grow old because they quit playing.” WOW – there is so much truth to that statement. It is not a coincidence that my favorite memories bring me back to a rural neighborhood of Puerto Rico: the streets, the school yard, and a nearby rundown basketball court with concrete floors, no nets, and rusty metal boards. In these places, I learned to play, to be active, to socialize, and to become a pretty good athlete. I like to tell people that I was a pretty good athlete since there is no way to refute my argument unless you do some extensive research. Let’s face it – nobody has time for that so just take my word for it.

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Now that is a Treat!

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As we approach the holiday season. I enjoy traveling and participating in all types of activities. I am always down for all the different ways to celebrate Halloween. I enjoy it because in life it’s great to celebrate and fellowship with each other. At this time of year, celebrating is all right with me.

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Happy Diversity Awareness Month!

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Did you know that people with disabilities are the nation’s largest minority? 

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A Dad’s Perspective

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I was asked to write a blog about raising a child with a disability from a Dad’s perspective.  At first I thought this would be a great topic.  But then I was like, “what the heck is a blog”? So, after discussing what a “ blog” is, I am like, I can do this because a blog is just like talking to someone, but in written form versus spoken. I can do that because I sell for a living and can talk forever, the hard part is to make it worthy of reading.  I hope you like my perspective/story.

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The National problem of Bullying and the forgotten population: Students with Disabilities

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Bullying is nothing new. For years, it was just a part of some people’s experience at school.  Whether it was because a new person arrived at school that didn’t fit in with a particular crowd, or even sometimes it was just because kids were bored with the atmosphere and they saw bullying someone else as “something to pass the time”.

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No Limits to Life

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Today, our country has provided more and more youth with disabilities opportunities to be part of recreation and competitive sport. Now, more than ever, laws and opportunities are in place to continue to make this a growing reality.

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Visual Impairment and Physical Activity

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As we all know, physical activity helps in keeping us healthy and strong. From mom and dad to brother and sister, we all need to have physical activity in our daily living. But just starting to exercise can be a difficult process. It can be even more difficult when your child has a visual impairment. What basic information should I know before starting? Before we even begin learning about exercise we should first get permission from your doctor. This will give you information on any physical restrictions, if any, your child may have. Once you obtain permission you can begin. Below are 3 things to consider when working with someone with a visual impairment.

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Equal not Extraordinary

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In 2008, I achieved my greatest athletic goal. I became a Paralympian. Shortly after I joined Team USA, I like most elite athletes, attended a media training session. I nervously sat in a beige hotel conference room, staring at the abstractly-designed carpet beneath my feet. 20 Paralympians surrounded me, representing almost every Paralympic sport. Gold medalists, world-record holders, the poster-children of the Games – we breathed the same air. Suddenly, the leader of the session walked in and began to speak.

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