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5 Ways to Encourage Active Children in a Digital World

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If you have children, then you’re probably very familiar with this scenario: your kids finish their homework (or try to avoid finishing their homework), and then immediately want to turn on the TV and computer. It’s common for kids to want to engage with technology, but spending all their time hunched over the screen isn’t good for their well-being. In addition to being harmful to their health (and increasing their chances for obesity), lack of imaginative play can staunch their creativity. But how do you get them to WANT to play outside? Here are 5 ways to encourage them.

Posted by Audrey Willis Jul 28, 2017 Posted in Obesity 5 Comments

Building an Accessible World For Our Children

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The world has come a long way in acknowledging that not everyone has the same physical and mental abilities or needs and that public services should be accessible to all. One day, there may be a generation of adults who grew up never seeing the world where people were excluded. But that can only happen if we teach our kids inclusivity, and more importantly, provide them with the tools to be included and include others in all aspects of life. Below are some ways we can make a more accessible world for all of our children.

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2017 Angel City Games

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In three short years, the annual Angel City Games have become Southern California’s premiere adaptive sports event, featuring a 4 day festival of clinics, competition, activities and celebration of Paralympic sport. The 2017 edition features five adaptive sports – Swimming, Archery, Track and Field, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis – and will be held 6/22-25 on the campus of UCLA. Competition is sanctioned by Adaptive Sports USA and USA Track and Field, and results can qualify youth athletes for the National Junior Disability Championships.

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Coping with Medication Side Effects

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Prescription drugs can have almost miraculous results. One day, you’re in immense pain or discomfort, and the next you’re living your life normally—all thanks to the power of a little pill, liquid, or cream. Unfortunately, medications aren’t completely without drawbacks, and everyone knows that the side effects of some prescriptions can be almost as bad as the conditions they treat!

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The Purpose of Sport and Play

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What is the true purpose of sport and play? What constitutes the essential core of these activities? How do sport and play serve humanity and societies around the world?  We believe there are five dimensions to the purpose of sport and play – relationships, education, social change, health and joy. In analyzing and studying the purpose of sport, we believe these five dimensions can help us better articulate the power and contributions of sport and play in the world. 
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New Leaders of a young world

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The path to success for young leaders is often one filled with surprises that only allow them to grow, both personally and professionally. And young leaders come from a variety of lanes, all merging onto the path to success. These achievements can be a graduate degree, starting a tech startup, or reaching personal physical and mental goals.

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Healthy and Disability

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Did you know that there is a significantly higher prevalence of smoking among people with a disability? In fact according to the CDC, the smoking rate for people with a disability is up to 50% higher than the national average. One in four adults with a disability smoke.

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Child Proofing 101: Practical Tips To Make Your Home Safe For Your ADHD Child

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Parents know the basics when it comes to child-proofing their homes. But those who have ADHD kids must go the extra mile to keep mr./ms. energy safe at all times. Parents of hyperactive preschoolers are usually overwhelmed, especially mothers. From the noise, the persistent crying, the fact that it’s always there. They go to sleep when you do and often wakes up before you. You don’t get enough rest. When they’re home all they do is run all over the house during the day. So you end up yelling at them. And it’s normal if there are times when you feel inadequate as a parent.

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Get Moving: Run, Swim and Hula Hoop!

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We all know that good health is critical to our well-being, and exercise is a key component of achieving good health. And for many, the hardest part of a fitness routine is simply getting started. You may be fighting a chronic condition. You may be struggling to get the hang of a certain activity. You may be simply overwhelmed at how far off your goals appear. But here’s the good news: no one starts out a world-class athlete!

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5 Important Trainer Tips for Working with Kids

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The child obesity epidemic in the United States—and around the world—has made it more important than ever that kids stay active every day, whether they’re working with a trainer or playing sports.

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