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Jetstar Bans Child with Disability From Boarding With Stroller

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A New Zealand family, flying with a child  requested to bring their stroller on the flight, but was denied. Theo, who is 2 years old has Down’s syndrome, and suffers from a rare condition, non-neurogenic neurogenic bladder, which can lead to renal failure. The family of 4 taking a short flight (on Jetstar), only had three carry-on bags for the trip, but were shocked when told Theo’s stroller could not be carried on as there was no room.

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Youngest Person With Disability Climbs Victoria Peak in Belize

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Have you ever scaled a mountain to reach the peak? Certainly not everyone has, but it’s good for body, heart, mind and soul to accomplish such big goals. The mountains pictured to the left are part of Cockscomb Mountains in Belize. Victoria Peak in Belize has a height of 3,675 feet. Climbing it is no easy challenge for anyone, but a 12-year-old boy didn’t let his vision impairment get in the way of reaching the top.

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