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12 Ways To Take Care Of Your Kidneys

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Kidneys are the most important organs that play a vital role in excreting drugs and toxins from the body. NSAIDS and statins, aspirin and Tylenol are some common toxins. Many other factors are there that can harm your kidneys. They include fatness, undergoing root canal treatment along with dental mercury amalgams, exposure to toxic substances, use of peptides and laundry detergents, artificial sweeteners, taking sodas, and candies.

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New tool to eliminate mistakes in care of Diabetes

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Researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a computer-based electronic medical record tool that will help doctors save time and improve accuracy in providing medical care to patients with diabetes.

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Mother of daughter with Cerebral Palsy Accuses Prime Minister of Betrayal

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Holly Celyn Vincent  has severe cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, and epilepsy. She is registered with a visual impairment, uses a wheelchair and requires continuous care.  Riven Vincent cares for her daughter full time even sleeping with her daughter who is connected to various medical equipment. Holly is the youngest of four and although her parents want her to stay home, they are thinking about putting Holly into facility care.

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