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15 Facts to Share During Braille Literacy Month

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Every January, the visually impaired and legally blind, their loved ones, and their advocates (many of which sit in one or more of these demographics) recognize Braille Literacy Month. As one can probably ascertain from the title, participants hope to stoke the dwindling use of the revolutionary reading system. Audio technology may have curbed Braille usage in the classroom and workplace, but that doesn’t dilute its significance or usefulness any, of course. Educating oneself and the rest of the populace about visual impairments, blindness, and the reality of Braille marks the best strategy for promoting its prolificacy.

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200 Years of Braille

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To honor the father of the Braille code, Louis Braille, January is the National Braille Literacy Awareness Month. For the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), Braille literacy awareness is a continuous effort throughout the entire year.

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“Braille Menus Available”

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I recently took a trip to Montana, and I don’t know if it’s just that I have never noticed this before or that I have just not been to the right places, but right up front at a cute little rustic pizzeria in downtown Missoula there was a well-placed sign that said “Braille menus available”.

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