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Disability Check

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As we move forward in our quest to be more of an inclusive society one of the issues that seems to hide under the radar but yet is becoming more apparent is the concern of capturing accurate numbers of disability population. I was recently asked if I objected to being called or referred to as a person with a disability. I politely responded

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I am sure that by now you have at least heard of the ever-so-trendy Gluten-free diet.   A lot of celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow and others have put some attention on this new fad. What you may not be aware of is the fact that

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Rowing: the Unknown Sport of the South

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Although most people experience the sport of rowing on the Olympics, most of the Southern states of America do not know exactly what this competitive sport entails. Throughout my college career, I never expected to join a team, much less, a rowing team. I never thought I was athletic enough, I never thought I was competitive enough, and I never thought I would be able to find a sport that fit me. After playing violin for 12 years, I’m sure you can see why. However, upon my second year in college, I got recruited to be on the team. You would think that this is because the recruitment chair thought I was athletic, strong, had long legs, etc… but that certainly was not the case. Little did I know, I was being recruited for one of the most difficult and frustrating positions on a rowing team: the coxswain.

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Golf Anybody

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A physical disability refers to a limitation on a person’s physical functioning. These disabilities can cause a person to have many obstacles throughout a single day. Many people who have physical disabilities such as paraplegia believe that physical activity and recreational sports are not possible. This is where people are wrong.

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Disability is the norm

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The label society puts on individuals with physical disabilities is one that refers to struggle and being needy. Some people even automatically assume that if a person has a physical disability they also have a mental disability as well, and you couldn’t get further from the truth.

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So, what is in a name?

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Over the last few days the issues of derogative names and language have been part of an interesting discussion in our sport world. As a matter of fact it has been going on over the past few months if you include a certain west coast owner of a basketball team and an apologetic horse owner. Today, we are dealing with another professional sport team that is dealing with a similar issue.

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The challenges facing an aging population

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Thanks to improved social and health care in the UK many people are now living longer. In fact, there’s not only been an increase in centenarians (individuals over 100), but a rise in super-centenarians (those who live to see 110 and beyond). While this is great news in many respects, there are also many challenges facing an aging population including:

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Journey & Destination

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I take exception to the quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” My suggested change is: life is a journey AND a destination. While I agree that we never completely arrive, it also seems that along the journey, we do seek out and hopefully enjoy destinations.

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The Real Triple Crown

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Here is something out of the gate sport fans: Wealthy owner makes controversial public statements. I know we have heard this all before from a certain owner from the west coast. But just in case you missed this episode of how to make obnoxious comments, I give you Mr. Steve Coburn who compared a horse race loss to playing basketball against a kid in a wheelchair.

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Earthing/Grounding: The Natural Remedy to Reduce Inflammation and Pain

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Recently I attended a three day workshop that introduced a new spin on an ancient method of reducing pain and inflammation through connecting with the earth. This method is currently known as Earthing or Grounding and has gained popularity since the 2010 book, Earthing: the Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clint Ober. I just purchased the book, and am currently engrossed in the pages, having just experienced some of the Earthing exercises at my workshop.

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