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Physical Activity during the summer

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In my 35 years as a quad amputee physical activity has been the main reason for my weight maintaining a consistent variable. This has been advantages for me staying active. The problem at times has been trying to find the time, activities or just exercises in general to maintain and advance my physical fitness. With over 56 million people with disabilities and only a few being physically fit, I fall into a category in which secondary health conditions can be an issue as I advance in my age. Hence, it is imperative that I develop, maintain and increase my physical fitness regimen. 

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Happy Anniversary!

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With the 25th year of celebration for the Americans with Disabilities Act in full swing, I would be remiss if failed to mention a historical event that very much smacks of the rewards and benefits of the ADA.

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What is Courage?

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As a person with a physical disability I am, at times, approached by people and told that I am a very courageous person. Now, we can talk for hours on what this really means. We can talk and try to understand what the person was really trying to say. Recently, ESPN made an effort to define what courage means to them with an award. Not just any award but the one named after Arthur Ashe.

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Exercise is Important for All

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One should never compromise on their mental, physical and emotional well-being.  A regular workout routine can keep your body in its best shape, and the importance of this cannot be stated enough. However, as you go searching about exercises or workouts all you get is a bulk of magazines, websites, and fitness programs all solely dedicated to serve people without any special needs. People who have disabilities are somehow excluded when fitness experts make workout plans. But that shouldn’t stop you from indulging in a regular workout routine.  Even people who are wheelchair or prosthetic users can definitely go for a walk and can similarly make their bodies habitual to a healthy work out with physical exertion, it can work wonders in improving your physical and mental vitality.

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12 Safety Tips for Seniors

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Summertime is the time where you can fun around and relax yourselves. Even the schools and colleges remain closed during summertime. But, for the elder person, it can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Let’s take a quick sneak peek into the safety tips for the elderly during summertime.

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Disability: Redefining Fashion

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The fashion industry no more operates on a singular vision of beauty. No matter, if you are not extremely thin, tall and fair, you are still beautiful. But, what is the beauty barrier hidden by its very obviousness—ableism. Not anymore, the fashion industry is becoming more diverse in terms of size and race including people with disabilities.

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2015: Top 10 Global Health Issues

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Many non-profit organizations across the globe are trying their best to work against many deadly diseases. At the beginning of 2014, global health community (GHC) was focused to fight against the diseases like family planning, HIV, maternal health, etc. At that time, no one had thought that, Ebola would take up the entire limelight, pushing others on the side.

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Older Americans Month: How to Stay Physically and Mentally Active

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May is Older Americans Month, a tradition started by President Kennedy and the National Council of Senior Citizens in 1963 to honor the ways that older people, both past and present, have contributed to the nation and to their communities.

In honor of Older Americans Month, I’d like to take a look at a couple of great ways to stay active–both physically and mentally–as we get older!

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ADA Freedom Ride

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Today in Birmingham, Alabama was my first event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). We had in attendance community leaders, health organizations, state, and city representatives. However, there was something missing…

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Steps to avoid Skin Issues

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Skin problems are one of the prime reasons as to why people approach a skin doctor. Every individual at some point may have skin problems. To deal with certain types of skin conditions such as rosacea, ringworm, epidermis, etc. it is very important to approach a professional skin doctor. When avoided, skin issues can become risky and may lead to other types of illnesses or infections.

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