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Medical Marijuana for child with Autism

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For the past two years, Marie Myung-Ok Lee has been giving her son with autism, J.,  legalized marijuana to reduce his violent behaviors and gastrointestinal pain. Medical Marijuana has replaced the powerful psychotropic drugs that mute his violent behaviors but do nothing for his pain.  There are also harsh potential side effects from such drugs including “permanent tics, diabetes, and death”.  Mrs. Lee believes that medical marijuana has been a “qualified success”.  She is now able to enjoy her son’s company instead of dealing with what she calls “being held hostage by his autism in a house full of screams, destruction, and three very unhappy people”.

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Staying Connected

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Think of all the ways today so many of us are “staying connected” using emails, texting, cell phones, twitting, and yes even, blogs. These tools are great time savers and allow us to broadly communicate more efficiently, but they can also drive powerful collaboration and help people “rally” around some of today’s most profound issues.

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Autism and Employment

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Parents are the biggest supporters and advocates for their children with autism. They want them to be successful and ultimately find a place in society. Together with educators, parents have created programs and solutions to assist in important academic, social and behavioral goals/achievements for autistic children. One of the long-term goals that parents and teachers are working towards is to prepare children with autism to find employment.

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Autism Researcher Accused of Embezzling Over $1 Million from Research Grant

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When there are breakthroughs in autism research, it’s pretty exciting. It’s also not like the money is raining down from heaven to do this research. But how low can a person go?

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No Place Like Home

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One of my top priorities upon completion of my book (“101 Games and Activities for Youth with Autism”) was a return home to Pittsburgh to thank family, friends, and relatives for their support.

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Coming to a Theater Near You: Wretches and Jabberers

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Are you fired up about advocacy? Interested in Autism? Passionate about disability rights? Desire to increase awareness? Compelled by stories of our individual, yet so often universal, human experiences? In need of weekend plans? If so, read on….

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Right Fit Celebrates World Autism Day on NBC 5

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This past Sunday (April 3) I was featured on NBC Chicago’s Morning News program, where we demonstrated fitness activities for youth with autism and profiled my recently published book, “101 Games and Activities for Children with Autism”.  Always nerve-wracking to appear on live TV, I was joined by one of my trainers, Eric Stone, and a client who performed some of the exercises from Right Fit’s “Raise the Bar” autism fitness program.

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The ARC Survey for Military Families

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The researchers at ARC have found that military families with a family member who has a disability can experience challenges in finding and accessing programs, services and supports in the communities where they serve in the US and around the world.  The survey is specifically for families who have a member with an Intellectual Disability or diagnosis of Autism or other Developmental Disability.

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T-Together E-Everyone A-Achieves M-More!

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Any Celebrity Apprentice fans?  On Sunday night’s episode Gary Busey shocked everyone by winning the second challenge of this season and spelled out his victory by stating the meaning behind the word team: “T- is for Together, E-Is for Everyone, A-id for Achieves, and M-More!”   As hard it may be to understand the thought process of Gary at times, he got this point right on!  The meaning behind the acronym of the word “team” truly speaks volumes.  Understanding the significance and strength from working as a “team” holds true and this definition is most often heard in the success of business franchises, private organizations, and sports teams.  It also holds true in the world of autism.

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Animals Used in Autism Therapy

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Autism is a developmental disorder which affects the social and communication areas of brain functioning.  Service animals are often employed in the treatment of Autism to help increase socialization behaviors and decrease other symptoms of autism. The following are some animals used in Autism Therapy (AT) and how they are used.

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