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It was a Bronze!

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As we all gather around the TV to watch the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games in Sochi which will be starting on March 8th, remember that when cheering on Team USA and watching your favorite country/sport, one thing to keep in mind is that winning any medal is a culmination of a long journey filled with VERY HARD WORK!

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Next steps on my path

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So the word Paralympics was introduced to me for the first time in 1990 while I was competing in my first national championship in the sport of Goalball.  I met some tremendous ladies from the U.S. squad that were returning from the 1990 World Championships where they secured the U.S. team a slot for the 1992 Paralympic games to be held in Barcelona.  The U.S. Coach, at the time, after seeing me play gatheredmy information and I went to my first U.S. training camp that fall.

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Who are we?

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The lifestyle of an athlete is one that is chosen, for it takes a certain amount of guile and discipline to be able to function in the athletic world. At the University of Illinois, those that were on the wheelchair basketball team had a very tedious schedule. While most people are still sleeping at 5:00 AM, we were up and preparing for our 6:30 AM practices. As “normal” people were dreaming, we were out on the court trying to make our dreams a reality. Before we could even get on the court, we had to make sure our chairs were ready. Chair maintenance is a tedious but necessary part of being a wheelchair basketball player, if the slightest thing is off about our chairs it can mean the difference between a win or a loss.

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Turning the “Me” into “We”

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In order to be great you must learn how to be a team.  Part of being a team is figuring out how to use each player’s individual strengths. I have nine unique athletes on my team, and I realized that although I have been writing about them for weeks, I have not introduced each player. So without further delay here is some insight into the nine “Me’s” that make up the “WE” that is the Lakeshore Power:

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A US Journey

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With the US National team playing at the American Zonals at Lakeshore this weekend it made me reflect on the 7 years of my life that I was part of the US Rugby Program. What always first comes to mind about those days were the life-long friendships that I have developed over the years of playing. These friendships are life sustaining for one reason, a shared commitment.

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Coaches need practice too

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“Most people get excited about games, but I’ve got to be excited about practice, because that’s my classroom.”
– Pat Summitt

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Funding your sports/recreation habit

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In my first blog I wrote about sit-water skiing and I mentioned how expensive it is to do.  It’s not just water skiing that is expensive; most sports/recreation equipment and/or training for people with disabilities are expensive.  I didn’t own my hand cycle until I was 25 years old.  It wasn’t like I could run down to Kmart and buy an $80 dollar bike.  I had to spend $1200 for a hand cycle (it was 50% off).  As daunting as the cost of equipment or training may be, it should not

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Changing paths

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So the phone call came that changed my path forever along with my family’s life.  I was asked to try this sport called Goalball.  I thought to myself what

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Where my path began to change: An Introduction

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I was on the softball field with my family taking batting practice.  My sister was up to bat, my father was pitching and my Mom and I were out in the field shagging balls.  I told my Mom I was having some pain in my right eye and when I closed my left eye I really  couldn’t see Dad pitching.  We finished up practice and headed home. I rinsed out my eye thinking maybe I got dirt under my contact or something.  After removing my contact and flushing my eye there was no change.  My parents got me into my optometrist that day then

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Adaptive Water Skiing

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Water skiing is one of my favorite sports—not only is it a great lifestyle (it involves sun, hanging out by the water, hanging out with cool people and travelling), but it is also an amazing workout and it offers a great challenge to push yourself to go further, faster, and bigger in the different skiing events (jump, slalom, and trick).  Most people don’t realize that

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