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A chance of a lifetime

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As we near the end of the summer, we also start tuning in to watch our countries Olympic and Paralympic heroes take flight. The flight is a culmination of a four year journey that many people start and but not everyone finishes. What is unknown is the painful and arduous journey to get there. What starts as a dream turns into a quest to go where you have never gone and achieve what has only been dreamed in a vision.  

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Authenticity, Muhammad Ali and the Power of Sport

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The word authenticity is being thrown around a bit casually these days, a trending “buzz word” in the urban vernacular. We hear people make statements such as, “I am just being me” when they choose to act certain ways or express their opinions.
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Is the Racket causing havoc?

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Now that the sun is shining a little longer, some of us are drawn to be outside.  Some of us become weekend warriors while others are picking up a hobby that your body is not ready for.  I played tennis this spring for the first time in 20 years with a recreational tennis league for doubles.  Since it had been 20 years from the last time I held a racket, my mind was screaming you are not ready for this.

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8 Interesting Tips to Upgrade Your Workout

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Training seems to be difficult at first, but a lot of people tend to get the hang of it after a few months. However, the reason these same people fail at sticking to a routine training schedule is because they get bored or hit a plateau. This can be prevented by taking steps to change your routine for the better, which could be considered a way to upgrade your workout.

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The World’s Instrument of Peace is Sport

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In my 20 plus years of wheelchair sport, the most enjoyable experiences have been traveling to various countries to compete against other countries.  Over my various travels I have had to honor of competing against some of the most competitive athletes I n the world. But I also have met some of the friendliest people. Many of which I still keep in touch with today.  I am not sure which is my favorite country, but what I enjoyed the most while overseas was knowing that I might not have spoken the same language or had similar faiths, but we certainly had one thing in common  was the love of sport.

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The Ultimate in Sport

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I know we are right in the middle of the NCAA final four and basketball as a whole has many people’s attention. One of the interesting topics has been the outstanding play of the Women’s collegiate basketball team:  the University of Connecticut or the UConn Huskies. With all the talk going on good or bad, one thing is sure forgotten, revolution!

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Spring Into Action

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Since the spring season is in full swing, I feel so much better with my daily schedule and activities. I feel like I have been reborn to some degree because my activities throughout the week are all set in stone. I feel so driven because my activities, exercises, practices, and work are all set up on a calendar in which I am all prepared for each day. I basically have my fall season planned out for each day. This is great for me considering I just spent the summer free lancing it. I can then focus on just bringing a fun-filled attitude for when it’s time to exercise.

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The Problem with “Inspirational Sport Stories”

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Recently I have been absolutely swamped with school, work, and basketball, which has left little time for writing extra things such as this post. That is especially true since I want what I write to be something worth reading and I really want a topic that either makes you think or, better yet, starts a discussion either in the comments below or on social media. I think I have just the ticket and it helps that I have a bunch to say about this issue and its impact on individuals with disabilities!

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Another Winning Play for Alabama Sports

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As we are in the middle of winter, a behind the scenes event has happened that needs to have some attention. No, it is not Super Bowl 50, halftime shows or any other sporting event. However, it does have something to do with sports in Alabama. Now, I know some of you have heard about the football team, but something even more important has happened.

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Slow Change

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As we celebrate the man who was instrumental in writing the Civil Rights Act, which was signed in 1964 to benefit all Americans, there is still one group of citizens who are waiting for this act to benefit them. These are the 56 million Americans with disabilities who are still waiting to participate in a mainstream society. However, because of the 64 act, steps have been made to address this issue.

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