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An Athlete first … not The Rain Man

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My sons have autism and yes I have seen film “The Rain Man.” If someone gave me $10 for every time I have heard that, I would be a wealthy man. I remind myself that I have to accept that not everyone carries an informed understanding of autism and its challenges. Sometimes I get mischievous and tell them that my eldest son – Michael – is an excellent card counter; cue the Rain Man in Vegas dialogue. The conversation usually concludes with someone saying“it’s amazing the math skills those kids have.” There seems to be genuine surprise when I tell people that my son has poor math skills (learning disabilities can often accompany autism), but he is an excellent distance runner.  Michael has won many races and is a joyful participant with Islanders Running Club – a club we started for kids that needed a bit of support.

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Different Speeds and Different Needs

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About six years our youngest son Colin was diagnosed with autism. Not the greatest day of lives. I remember sitting quietly in an austere office trying to make sense of this news. My mind leapt from thought to questions to ill-informed attempts at answers. Do we really have a disabled son? I could accept the diagnosis but not the idea my son was without abilities.  I asked myself what would this diagnosis mean for our family? Of course, I had no idea beyond fear or imagination; but I knew that our lives would be forever different. My mind buzzed like an annoying fly around the question: “What could I do to help him?”

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