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An Even Playing Field: Sports for All In Pittsburgh

An Even Playing Field: Sports for All In Pittsburgh Tagged with:

Dr. Darla Clayton contributed to this article (The Mobility Resource)

The value of sports for all was demonstrated at a recent event co-hosted by Strong as Steel Adaptive Sports, and Allard USA with an assist from Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA) who provided a “Think Big Grant.” Several volunteers came to help out, many from Allard USA traveled from NJ to assist, and a group from Ohio Wheelchair Sports drove all the way to Pittsburgh to help out.

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The future of diversity …

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I teach a sport sociology course at James Madison University (JMU), and in class the other day I posed this question: What will diversity in sport look like in 30 years?

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Skill-building and Accountability

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As a former English Major, I read a lot.  I read an article that had a quote which saidExercise has one spelling, but how it is applied is extremely diverse.” [i] The quote made me think of a point my Movement Specialist frequently makes, that one fitness approach may work well for one client but only partially work for another.  Any developed fitness routine needs to be tailored and customized for the individual.

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5 Effective Exercises For People With Limited Mobility

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People with limited mobility could get agitated and lethargic from sitting in a wheelchair for prolonged periods of time.

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4 Really Awesome [Accessible] Exercise Options

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I frequently encounter individuals who have limited upper body strength, making it difficult to maneuver a ramp on an accessible van. But after a month or two with a rehab specialist, they overcome this weakness with ease.

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Moving Forward

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“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”  ―Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Access for Athletes

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Access for Athletes! Are you an athlete who needs transport to competitions, access to training or equipment or other funding? The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)  is the place for you.

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The Power of Pushing Limits

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In the past two weeks I’ve had the privilege of observing some of the most elite, well-respected athletes on the planet. I did so for the sake of sport and athleticism, as well as to hope for a single glimpse or sweat droplet that would lead me closer to understanding the likes of these select few. From ultra-marathoners to professional cyclists, it is clear to see that none of them made it very far without breaking some boundaries and pushing their bodies and brains to the most unheard of levels.

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A Disability, Perhaps an Opportunity in Disguise

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When you were a child, didn’t you grow up wishing you could “be somebody?” Somebody that people would recognize, look up to, admire, almost idolize. Ever since I was a small child I desperately wanted to be something great, probably as most children do. Maybe go to the moon, run for president, play professional sports, become an award winning singer or actor, anything!! Every child’s dream is to be: GREAT.

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Coaching a reluctant participant in sports

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Recently, my young son expressed an interest in participating in a highly competitive track meet. The best students from across the city were going to gather  for a big event and close to one thousand runners would fill the stadium with noise and frenetic energy. Although Michael has autism he is a very capable young athlete who has enjoyed success against his peers. We both agreed he was ready for the challenge. As the track meet approached I noticed that he was becoming increasingly anxious. Soon, with any mention of the track meet, his tears would start to flow. No amount of calming or reassuring words could alleviate his anxiety.  He decided not to participate – this was something that I fully supported – and Michael’s sense of relief was almost palpable. I could not easily explain his change of heart. After a few days of gentle questioning I discovered that Michael was anxious about the length of the university track (400m) and his belief that it was much bigger than the track we practice on (also 400m). He had allowed this belief to undermine his confidence.

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