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5 Ways Chronic Stress Impacts Our Mental Health

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Stress is one condition that most people experience, yet hesitate to accept. It may persist either for a short time or affect your overall mental health, advancing to critical mental illness. This condition can be experienced during an overwhelming or emotionally-charged situation that leads to biochemical, physiological in the brain and behavioral changes in the patient. These changes impact your personality and approach towards life.

Posted by Swati Kapoor May 11, 2016 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

The Right Mobility Equipment for You

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An adult folding paddle walker can transform the quality of your life. This equipment allows you to live life to the fullest by offering additional support to maintain your balance while walking.

Posted by Bob Lujano Dec 02, 2015 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

International Day of Tolerance

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On November 16, I will be celebrating the United Nation’s International Day for Tolerance by doing what I usually fail to do; I will pack away my assumptions in my bag when I interact with people. This conscious effort is difficult for someone who looks different compared to the societal norm, someone with a physical disability or someone who can’t interact in a socially acceptable way because of their limitations is daily confronted with intolerance.

Posted by Julia Rodes Nov 16, 2015 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

Blame for Joint Pain

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When people think of the causes of joint pain, they think of the common causes including injuries, bone loss, or old age. However, the cause of your annoying joint pain could be stemming from bacteria in your gut. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to see the facts on microbiome bacteria and joint pain.

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Happy Diversity Awareness Month!

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Did you know that people with disabilities are the nation’s largest minority? 

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A call that is for everyone

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Attention! Attention! Have you heard the news? Are you aware of what is going on? Today, our Surgeon General has just asked you to do something that not that many people get asked to do.

Posted by Bob Lujano Sep 09, 2015 Posted in Disability, Obesity No Comments

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

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On May 2 2005, when my husband woke up from surgery after his motorcycle accident and heard the words “spinal cord injury” and “paralyzed” one of his first thoughts was, I am going to walk again and that remained a theme throughout his rehab. He thought if I just work hard enough, if I just keep trying, I will walk again. If you walk through the halls of any rehab center today you would probably hear the same mantra from the majority of patients. No one wants to accept the reality that they will experience the rest of their life from a wheelchair, but that is the reality for millions of Americans.

Posted by Kelly Bonner Sep 08, 2015 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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Collaboration is a dynamic, creative, and interconnected process. My walking program has been built upon collaboration. From the beginning, I have combined approaches from a wide range of Health, Medical, Rehabilitation, and Fitness disciplines. I have used methods from physical therapy, yoga, dance, and functional movement to support my overall fitness and walking efforts. I have brought together professionals to contribute their knowledge and expertise in the advancement of my efforts to walk device-free. I engage professionals to problem-solve and develop new targeted strategies to improve my strength, flexibility, and other aspects of mobility.

Posted by Kerry Sep 01, 2015 Posted in Disability 3 Comments

Summer Survival Tips for Your Hearing Aid

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Summer is a busy time for most people. There are days spent by the pool, trips to the beach, and more time, overall, spent in the great outdoors. If you wear a hearing aid, the increased exposure to elements such as water and heat that occur during the summer can cause damage to your devices.

Posted by Patricia Sarmiento Aug 21, 2015 Posted in Disability 4 Comments

Prosthetics vs. CMS Cuts

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I have been a below knee amputee since 1988 and a prosthetist for more than 25 years. In that time, I have seen and experienced advancements in comfort, performance, and durability that surprise even me. As a result of these advancements, I am able to wear my prosthesis from 6 o’clock in the morning until around 12 o’clock at night with no problems.

Posted by Gerald Deason Aug 11, 2015 Posted in Disability 1 Comment