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The AMO Arm! A New Brain-Controlled Prosthetic Arm!

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Two Canadian students at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada have invented a new type of brain-controlled prosthetic arm that picks up mental commands through a head-set worn by the user, and wirelessly transmits the command for movement from the user’s brain to the prosthetic arm and hand.

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Reality TV is Inclusive?

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This summer my mom told me that she was surprised that I didn’t watch that reality show The Amazing Race.  She said it seemed like something I would like.  I admitted that the only reason I didn’t watch was that everyone else seemed to watch it and it always won the Emmy every year and I tend to be one of those people that doesn’t like to jump on the bandwagon.  I mean hey, I loved the Atlanta Braves when they were horrible and then happily adopted the Chicago Cubs in 2000 where I proudly watched them finish dead last in their division.

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