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TSA Fails to Stop Wheelchair User Placed on the Wrong Flight by Delta

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It has not even been a week since the Department of Transportation (DOT) fined Delta Air Lines $2 million for violating federal rules on passengers with disabilities, regarding their provision of assistance to passengers while getting on and off airplanes.

On Sunday, an 80-year-old woman who uses a wheelchair, Nefissa Yesuf, was placed on the wrong flight. It is suspected that she was given the wrong boarding pass by Delta and that the Delta staff who escorted her to the plane wheeled her through TSA onto the wrong flight.  She flew out of Atlanta was supposed to have landed in Dulles, VA instead landed in Charlotte, N.C.

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Motivational Speaker Kicked Off Plane As “Too Disabled to Fly”

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Johnnie Tuitel is an advocate and motivation speaker with cerebral palsy who was traveling to a give a speech in Kansas City to the National Self Advocacy Conference about people with disabilities. Johnnie’s wheelchair had been tagged, taken to be loaded as baggage, and he was already seated when a U.S. Airways gate agent returned with a narrow aisle chair to take Johnnie off the plane. Johnnie said people were pointing and staring at him. He was embarrassed and “humiliated” when U.S. Airways removed him from the flight because he was “too disabled to fly.”

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