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The Real Triple Crown

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Here is something out of the gate sport fans: Wealthy owner makes controversial public statements. I know we have heard this all before from a certain owner from the west coast. But just in case you missed this episode of how to make obnoxious comments, I give you Mr. Steve Coburn who compared a horse race loss to playing basketball against a kid in a wheelchair.

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Why am I doing this?

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A while back I wrote an article about the concept of Burnout and the qualities of Burnout that professionals and individuals sometimes fail to recognize when it happens.  In short, Burnout refers to long-term exhaustion and disengaging from subjects that are important to us.  Regardless of whether Burnout happens in an athletic or professional sense, when a person experiences it, it can cause us to pause and question:  “Why am I doing this?”

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Person-Centered vs. Disability-Centered

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A professional that I highly respect recently used the phrase ‘dysfunction’ to describe my walking issues.  When I hear terms like ‘dysfunction’, I start to think in boxes:

Disability Centered—Focuses on deficits and labels Person-Centered—Focuses on capabilities and strengths

A Disability-Centered perspective and approach categorizes and classifies based upon deficits.    A Person-Centered perspective and approach promotes the strengths and capabilities of an individual.  Language can be the conduit between a Person-Centered perspective and a Disability-Centered perspective.

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What’s Inspiration?

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Every summer I direct an adapted sports camp for youth with a physical disability. When planning, I always try to develop a theme or motto for camp that focuses on something beyond athleticism. This year I decided to follow the lead of the International Paralympic Committee and introduce their motto, “Spirit in Motion.” Along with the motto, each day we discussed one of the Paralympic values – inspiration, determination, courage, and equality. I must admit, I decided to use the Paralympic motto before I realized that the first value was inspiration.

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“Little” Gestures, One Big Act

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A few months back I was asked to speak to my younger sister’s grade on disability acceptance in honor of National Circle of Friends month.  The elementary school provided me with a children’s book to read and told me to discuss disability awareness and answer questions after reading the story.  I spoke to four different second grade classes for around thirty minutes each.  Since these were my sister’s classmates the children were familiar with me, but

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Life’s “Little” Questions

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I firmly believe in taking stares and questions and turning them into a chance to educate others about disabilities and life with one.  At least once a day in public I get a quizzical stare and

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The future of diversity …

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I teach a sport sociology course at James Madison University (JMU), and in class the other day I posed this question: What will diversity in sport look like in 30 years?

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Whitewater Rafting? Yes, You Can!

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It all depends on how you face the challenges of your disability. Life is an adventure and even with limited mobility you can create a rich, experiential life for yourself or someone in your family who has a disability. What if you knew that persons with visual impairments, autism, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and hemiplegia could have a blast whitewater rafting all year long?

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If they build it, will I purchase?

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I recently became aware of a nationwide campaign aimed at the world’s top athletic shoe maker, and I must admit that I applaud the company for responding.

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One of my biggest pet peeves is finding a handicap parking spot, or rather, not finding a handicap spot. 

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