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ADA Freedom Ride

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Today in Birmingham, Alabama was my first event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). We had in attendance community leaders, health organizations, state, and city representatives. However, there was something missing…

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This is the day…

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Monday April 6th is the second annual International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. It was created by the United Nations General Assembly to promote the importance of sports world-wide.

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How World Day of Social Justice Impacts People with Disabilities

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Social Justice is a term I had heard about in my late teens when I started college at a Catholic School in New Jersey. After I learned about it, every time I hear the words, the work Mother Teresa did throughout her life flashes in my mind. Back then, I didn’t realize the relevance of this subject to the overall well-being of people with disabilities. I’d always wanted to advocate for people with disabilities in some fashion, but wasn’t really aware that the topic is really at the center of my interests, even so many years later.

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It’s a Beautiful Day!

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Did you hear that sound? It is the sound of change. I am not talking about the seasons that are denoted by a change in weather and temperature. But something has changed in our culture and more importantly our mindset.

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Why are we celebrating?

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On the day we remember Dr. King, the man who was instrumental in writing the Civil Rights Act, which was signed in 1964 to benefit all Americans, there is still one group of citizens who still wait. These are the 57 million Americans with disabilities who are still waiting to have laws passed over 40 years ago to address issues such as basic fitness, recreation, and sport participation.

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Remember the Guinness Commercial?

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Back on September 13, 2013, is when I first saw the Guinness commercial that featured a person with a disability playing wheelchair basketball with some of his friends without a disability. Almost immediately I knew this commercial was going to be talked about for a long time, as well as make me want to have a drink.

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Disability and the Media

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“My name is Bob Lujano. I am very blessed person because I am employed and compete as an athlete in wheelchair rugby.” This was my introduction as I was on a panel to discuss the role of media and how it portrays athletes with a disability. In regards to this topic there are so many roads that this discussion can follow. I know that sitting at a table and trying to map this out can be difficult. I will try to guides us on a short and narrow road.

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Caretaker Appreciation

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Caregivers play an important role in maintaining the health and well-being of our loved ones. As people age, more family members have assumed the role of caretaker so that they don’t have to resort to placing their loved one in a long-term care facility. When this is possible, it helps to maintain the quality of life of the aging individual or person with a disability.

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Eleanor Roosevelt

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Today, MSN is highlighting powerful facts about a few first ladies, including Eleanor Roosevelt, the 32nd First Lady.

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Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann, M.D., and the Paralympic Games

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Ludwig Guttmann, M.D. was a German-Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany in 1939 and joined the neurosurgical faculty at Oxford University in England. Prior to his leaving Germany, Dr. Guttmann was the assistant to the leading German neurosurgeon of that time, Otfrid Foester, at the University of Breslau. Forced out of the University of Breslau because of anti-Semitism in 1933, Dr. Guttmann became the Chief of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Breslau Jewish Hospital. It was there that he developed many of the techniques to treat spinal cord injury that he used and perfected in England.

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