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ADA to Crack Down on Bogus Service Animals

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New ADA rules may only protect dogs and miniature horses as service animals due to progressively more people buying bogus Internet-based National Service Animal Registry credentials to declare their pets as service animals.

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Internet Access

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The Department of Justice is working towards broadening the authority of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in regards to the Internet, specifically websites. New data indicates that fewer people with disabilities are using the Internet compared to the general population. The main reason seems to deal with accommodation issues.

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Accessibility in the Kitchen

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Just as I seem to be always preaching to other fitness professionals that there is a huge market out there for them if they would get training and experience (and market to) people with disabilities, I realized in researching this article that this really translates into other areas as well. For example, contractors should learn about and market barrier-free design and construction services, both commercially and residentially.

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The ADA and a New World Record

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The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) celebrated their 20th anniversary this past July. In addition, the ADA set a New Guinness World Record for the most wheelchairs in a moving line, a total of 193 wheelchairs.

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6 of the Most Unusual Service Animals

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The public long has become accustomed to guide dogs for those with visual impairments, first used in 1929. But when the use of dogs for other types of help — such as alerting people with hearing impairments to sounds, pulling wheelchairs and helping with mobility issues — became common after enactment of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, controversy over access came with it.

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