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Once People Get Inside, Is There Equipment They Can Use?

Once People Get Inside, Is There Equipment They Can Use? Tagged with:

I was browsing through some headlines today and noticed a theme I usually don’t see… There were several articles that discussed the inaccessibility of fitness equipment for people with disabilities and ways that things are starting to change (check out two articles here and here). This has become a fairly hot topic in the field of disability and physical activity over the past several years, but it is rare to see articles in the general media about it.

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Everybody’s Talking About It!

Everybody’s Talking About It! Tagged with:

Apple has made a strong commitment to the success of learners of all types with its new Special Education Apps. ( Every new Mac has been equipped with a variety of assistive technology software creating the possibility of universal access to iPod, iPhone and the Mac Computer.

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“Braille Menus Available”

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I recently took a trip to Montana, and I don’t know if it’s just that I have never noticed this before or that I have just not been to the right places, but right up front at a cute little rustic pizzeria in downtown Missoula there was a well-placed sign that said “Braille menus available”.

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