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The ADA Celebrates 25 Years

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This month we celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) 25th anniversary! The ADA was created in 1990 to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as people without disabilities. This includes the opportunity to live a healthy life!

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ADA for All

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To help frame the contents of this blog posting, I am using quotes from Ed Roberts.  If you don’t know who Ed is, you really should. Stop reading this blog and Google him. He is regarded highly alongside other civil rights leaders for all he had done for people with disabilities.

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Embrace the outdoors!

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Recently, I was asked to test out a power chair at the Red Mountain Park in Hoover, Alabama. At first I was very reluctant because I know that going through mountain trials and dirt roads would not be very fun in my manual chair. So, I simply avoid them all together. However, I was introduced to a power device that changed my view. Literally!

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The Hidden Downside of Workplace Wellness Programs

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Stress management workshops, gym membership reimbursement, support groups and flu shot clinics are popular examples of workplace wellness programs. Wondering if your employer offers this type of program? There is a good chance it does — more than 90 percent of large employers and 73 percent of small employers offer this employee perk.

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Revisiting Program Foundations

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 The Importance of Rapport, Time, and History

One of my social work text books describes rapport as “’a state of compatibility and empathy that permits mutual understanding between the client and the worker.” [i] Achieving mutual understanding between a client and a fitness professional is built over time. I have had an advantage during my latest transition in my exercise and walking program because I already knew the new Movement Specialist I would be working with.

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It’s a Beautiful Day!

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Did you hear that sound? It is the sound of change. I am not talking about the seasons that are denoted by a change in weather and temperature. But something has changed in our culture and more importantly our mindset.

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Inclusive Out-of-School Time

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The purpose of this article is to promote inclusion of youth with disabilities in after-school, expanded learning, and out-of-school time programs. For the purposes of this
article, the term “include” and “inclusion” embodies the values, policies, and practices that support all youth, those both with and without disabilities, to participate in a broad range of out-of-school time activities.

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Essential advice for creating a disability friendly home

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While a person with a disability may find life difficult when looking for a neighborhood that is accessible to their specific health condition, an individual can first start to simply their life by rethinking the way they design their home. A disability friendly home is the next best step for a person with a disability to continue on leading an independent lifestyle.

Posted by Luke Sprocket Oct 21, 2014 Posted in Disability 1 Comment

How College Campuses are Becoming Increasingly Accessible

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With classes in full swing on college campuses around the country, students are finding themselves amidst a lot of change: rigid class structures, tuition and textbooks costs, new roommates, and so on.

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So, what is in a name?

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Over the last few days the issues of derogative names and language have been part of an interesting discussion in our sport world. As a matter of fact it has been going on over the past few months if you include a certain west coast owner of a basketball team and an apologetic horse owner. Today, we are dealing with another professional sport team that is dealing with a similar issue.

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