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What does inclusion mean to you?

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What does inclusion mean to you? If you ask me that question, a million things run through my head. It is something I deal with on a daily basis. Take Sunday for example. My husband and I have to leave for church early so that we can be sure to get an accessible parking spot with enough room to get a wheelchair beside the car, and so that we can get the one seat in the church where my husband can actually see the stage when everyone else is standing (which happens more than you might think in our southern Baptist church). Not only that, but our church has stadium seats – you know, like the kind at the movie theater- so his seating options are already limited to a front row or an end- and how many Baptists do you know who like to sit in the front row?  When we go to the restaurant for lunch, we have to fight to find another accessible parking spot and then try to find an accessible table and not a booth, which sometimes requires us to wait an extra hour (and we won’t talk about the restaurants that require us to use a separate entrance just so his wheelchair can get in). When we head to the grocery store, the accessible spots and the striped areas beside them are always full! Once inside at the produce section, I have to grab all the fresh veggies we want (including his favorite- jalapenos) because he can’t reach them. And at the checkout, while my hands are full from bags of groceries, the cashier still tries to hand me the receipt instead of my husband, who is right in front of her. And all of that takes place in only half of one day.

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Access for Athletes

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Access for Athletes! Are you an athlete who needs transport to competitions, access to training or equipment or other funding? The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)  is the place for you.

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What Is A Healthy Community?

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The term Healthy Community is something that is being talked about a lot lately.  There are many initiatives among public health agencies that are working towards building healthy communities.  These initiatives focus on ways of improving physical activity and healthy eating through new programs and new infrastructure with the hopes of reducing obesity. 

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Navigating the Snow

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I recently wondered aloud when driving home with my two kids one day about people who are homeless here in Chicago in this most recent string of below-freezing and below-average temperatures and snowfall for early December, even in Chicago. It’s been brutal for me personally, even with a heated home to go to every night.

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