Teach and Be Taught

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I wish everyone in life the gift of an adviser, teacher, or mentor that can guide us to reach our goals and go beyond our own limits. One of John Wooden’s favorite lines, “There is nothing you know that you haven’t learned from someone else.  It is the greatest inheritance you can give to others. It is why you get up every day – to teach and be taught.”

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The Power of Storytelling

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Before there were written languages and novels and grammatical errors, there were stories. Today, we even read some of those stories that were so dynamic and so universal that they stuck around long enough to be passed down by grandfather to a younger generation of learners and yearners—those who could read and write.

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Intending to Exercise

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We often hear that exercising would be good for us. We even agree that we should exercise more often. We plan to exercise. But studies show that even though most people know about the benefits of exercise, the intention to exercise is a very weak predictor of actually exercising.

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The Risk Factors for Fibromyalgia

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Today, fibromyalgia is a growing condition that is affecting more people. Approximately 5 million people are living with this condition. It is condition where people experience long-term, body-wide pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia affects women more than men.

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Inaccessible Taxi’s In NYC?

New York City is the largest city in the U.S. with the population in the millions. Taking a taxi is a common form of transportation. So those with disabilities would not have any trouble finding a cab, right? Recently, complaints have surfaced regarding NYC Taxis Discriminating against people with disabilities. These complaints specifically focus on inaccessibility.

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Why relationships are important to athletes with challenges (part 2)

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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog titled “Teaching sports to special needs athletes: A tripod of influences”. In that blog I discussed how pedagogy (how you teach), content (what you teach) and relationships all contribute to the effectiveness of the athlete’s participation and enjoyment of sports. Positive athlete –coach relationships are particularly  important for special needs athletes. Coaches are in a powerful position to role model, mentor and advocate for athletes for whom the social aspects of sports present challenges. Research has shown that peer culture (especially in sports), when role modeled by a coach that values diversity, can support effective and authentic inclusion. The consequence is that athletes with challenges feel valued and accepted by teammates. Sadly, this is not the universal experience of some special needs athletes. Some of these athletes participate in “a culture of exclusion which posits that isolating and marginalizing someone is appropriate, acceptable and sometimes even laudatory” (Sapon-Shevin, 2003).

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Sit Tall… Walk Tall… Music Can Change It All!

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With unknown expectations and heightened emotions, Jennifer and I tumbled down to Chicago’s Crowne Plaza on June 14th.  We were on our way to present the morning Physical Activity session for the July Disability and Health Partners’ Meeting.  Adrianne’s cheerful demeanor and can-do attitude were a delight and truly appreciated when we checked in.  Off we went to see our space and there was Adrianne ready to help and set up our lap top with the music.  Phew!  I was thrilled that Frank Sinatra would be a part of this morning fitness session after all.

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Aldea’s Story-Life as a Parent with a Disability

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I recently attended a two and a half day retreat with my friend and colleague Aldea LaParr.  Aldea works and volunteers in the disability field and we see each other approximately four times a year.  Aldea is the mother of three teenage boys.  She owns her own web design business.  Aldea also has Cerebral Palsy.

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Autism Leads Rise of Developmental Disabilities

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A government study recently reported an increase of 17% of developmental disabilities in the past decade rise. The two disability that have led this increase are autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. “Developmental disorders rose to 15 percent of U.S. children, or about 10 million, in 2006-2008, from 12.8 percent, or about 8 million, in 1997-1999, according to the study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — published in the journal Pediatrics.”

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Accessible Summer Fun in the Chicago Parks!

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The Chicago Park District has gone “all out” to make the parks in Chicago accessible to all Chicagoans.

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