Illness in Aging May Become a Thing of the Past

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According to researchers at the SENS Foundation, there is a good chance that the diseases that come with aging (heart disease, cancer, stroke) will be eliminated within the next 25 years. This prediction is for the sort of sea change in health care that the industrialized world gained over infectious diseases in the 1900s. SENS founder, Dr. De Grey, envisions a world in which people will go to their doctors for regular “maintenance” which will include gene therapies, stem cell therapies, immune stimulation and a range of additional advanced types of medical care that will prevent the cell damage that leads to aging.

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Jetstar Bans Child with Disability From Boarding With Stroller

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A New Zealand family, flying with a child  requested to bring their stroller on the flight, but was denied. Theo, who is 2 years old has Down’s syndrome, and suffers from a rare condition, non-neurogenic neurogenic bladder, which can lead to renal failure. The family of 4 taking a short flight (on Jetstar), only had three carry-on bags for the trip, but were shocked when told Theo’s stroller could not be carried on as there was no room.

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Under Development: A Brain Implant that Translates Thought into Movement

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A new brain implant known as the BioBolt was developed by Dr Wise and his team at the University of Michigan. The goal of the implant is to help stroke patients overcome partial paralysis, and to help amputees in controlling bionic limbs. A future ‘generation’ of the BioBolt may also assist people with paralysis in moving paralyzed limbs.

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Coaching a reluctant participant in sports

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Recently, my young son expressed an interest in participating in a highly competitive track meet. The best students from across the city were going to gather  for a big event and close to one thousand runners would fill the stadium with noise and frenetic energy. Although Michael has autism he is a very capable young athlete who has enjoyed success against his peers. We both agreed he was ready for the challenge. As the track meet approached I noticed that he was becoming increasingly anxious. Soon, with any mention of the track meet, his tears would start to flow. No amount of calming or reassuring words could alleviate his anxiety.  He decided not to participate – this was something that I fully supported – and Michael’s sense of relief was almost palpable. I could not easily explain his change of heart. After a few days of gentle questioning I discovered that Michael was anxious about the length of the university track (400m) and his belief that it was much bigger than the track we practice on (also 400m). He had allowed this belief to undermine his confidence.

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The Power of Plants

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Plants are simple, or so they’d like you to think. Any 7th grade science textbook would tell you that plants require three things to grow: some form of sunlight, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and water often. However, if that was truly the case and it was really this simple, we’d all be bushwacking through the jungles in our front yards, business parking lots, and literally everywhere in between.

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10 Dangerous Foods for Diabetes

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Approximately 20 million people have diabetes and over 40 million are on the way of getting type 2 diabetes (pre-diabetes). Type 2 diabetes is the most common form and is diagnosed during adulthood; while type 1 is diagnosed in early childhood. People with diabetes have high blood sugar. It is because their pancreas does not make or not enough insulin; and the muscle, fat, and liver cells does respond to insulin properly.

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The Taste of Chicago: A New Found Playground

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Who doesn’t love summer in Chicago? The Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, concerts, museums and more!  Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness received an invitation to perform fitness activities at this year’s Taste of Chicago. Twenty years ago my main focus was sampling lots of food from favorite restaurants and listening to all those great bands along the city’s beautiful lakefront.  This year, Right Fit agreed to organize and instruct family fitness sessions during the opening day of the 2011 Taste.  Trainers, Jennifer Day, Kim Mueller and I were launched into our first session “Every Body Can Dance” and it became easy to create an atmosphere full of fun and energy with selected upbeat music.  Right Fit’s tent and demonstration area soon became “the playground” and we challenged everyone to Get in Shape and show First Lady Michelle Obama that Chicago understands the importance of family fitness!  Next we played “Move Your Body” and immediately the children, parents, and grandparents were moving and enjoying each other on their new found playground.

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Who is out there exercising?

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Hardly anybody! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics only about 16% of teens and adults report that they participated in sports or physical activity on an average day. The number of people in the same age range that reported they watched TV on an average day? 80%

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Group Fitness is Fun!

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Don’t be afraid of a dance or a group aerobics class. Whether you have a limitation, a disability, or two left feet, Everybody has SOMETHING! YOU are the one that makes a class Great! Positive Energy is contagious! The BEST classes are the ones where you go left, and your neighbor goes right! Just keep moving and Enjoy yourself!

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Accessible Dog Park

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With the new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility laws issued in January of this year, places such as the T.W. Patterson Sports Complex Dog Park is taking a pro-active approach. Without any complaints or lawsuits pending from community members, the park district felt the need to make the dog park accessible to everyone. Additionally, the new ADA accessibility laws are stricter. The city has also learned that there have been a number of facilities shut down in other cities due to litigation and the city wanted to avoid a similar action in Patterson.

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