Adaptive Sports Program Temporarily Closes Due to Low Lake Level

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The Texas Adaptive Aquatics, Inc. is a non-profit water sports program for people with disabilities. During its’ 22 years, the organization has helped thousands of people with disabilities to enjoy various sports programs. Presently, due to low lake levels on Lake Houston, the organization is going to have to temporarily close until the lake levels come up to safe and normal levels.

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The Power of Remembrance

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This week was my grandmother’s birthday. Now, my grandmother hasn’t celebrated a birthday with me in a few years; however, I have learned to celebrate on my own.

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UCP Not Just for People With Cerebral Palsy

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The United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) is nonprofit organization that helps people with cerebral palsy, as well as other individuals with disabilities. UCP’s mission is to educate, advocate and provide support services to ensure a life without limits for people with a spectrum of disabilities. Arizona’s UCP chapter has been providing services since 1952; and during those years, they have helped countless of individuals with disabilities and their families. Those served have disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, developmental delays, and learning disabilities. UCP provides services to infants all the way through adulthood, which has four departments: Early Intervention and Therapy, Day Treatment and Training, Home and Community Based Services, and an Early Learning Center.

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September 11th – What We Remember a Decade Later

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It’s rare that I can remember what I did yesterday at exactly 7:46 a.m. CST but like many others I remember exactly what I was doing when that first plane crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. My family, friends and clients all share very similar and precise recollections of that day, whether it was leaving for work, being in a high school or college class, or for me, I was cleaning up after our son’s birthday dinner. Like most I was in disbelief that not one plane but then a second plane crashed into the Twin Towers. Instantly I knew this was no accident. My first reaction was disbelief, confusion and an urgent need to talk to someone I could trust. What did all of this mean? I quickly interrupted our handyman who was working on a project in our kitchen. After he saw the second plane collide into the World Trade Center buildings, he agreed with me that these building were about to collapse.

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Researchers say that moderate exercise is the key to enhancing health

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For those of us who always think that “if one is good two are better, researchers have some good news.  The “more is better” folks can lay off the vigorous exercise and do more moderate exercise – and their health will improve.

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The Simplicity of Sport

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The coach and athlete of today now have a wealth of information at their fingertips to support their goal of developing athletic ability. This information may be derived from academic journals or coffee -table magazines, perhaps it is gleaned from internet chatlines or from credible sources organizations like NCPAD, but wherever it comes from sorting the kernel from the chafe requires skill and pragmatism. The phrase “A little knowledge could be a dangerous thing” is a necessary and cautionary reminder that not every piece of coaching wisdom is well conceived or suitable for your special needs athlete.  There is certainly a danger in over-analyzing every single possible risk, benefit, sports tactic, counter tactic, etc, and you may find your head is whirring with contradictory ideas; sports psychologists might suggest that you are in a state of “analysis – paralysis.”

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Today’s Veteran’s Health Concerns

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The United States of America is only as strong as those that protect it, and throughout history the members of the U.S. military have consistently proven their fortitude. Serving one’s country is a distinguished honor, and the skills and discipline learned during service will last a lifetime, but unfortunately there are also some health hazards that can have similar effects.

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CLUBS, get set to… SWEAT for a VET 2011 at your own SWEAT-a-thon Event!

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On behalf of Project VisAbility, Sport & Health Clubs, and diamond sponsor Myzone,
we would like to invite you to participate in the second annual SWEAT for a VET event
on Saturday, November 12th from 9:30AM – 12:30PM (EST) via LIVE video link!

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Lack of Information During Hurricane for PWD

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New York was one of the states that got hit by Hurricane Irene. Before the arrival of Irene, evacuation details/plans and other services were be announced to all areas affected. However, the disability community in Brooklyn felt that services and information were not available for people with a wide range of disabilities. Marvin Wasserman, executive director of the Brooklyn Center for Independence for the Disabled (BCID), has been receiving numerous complaints.

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Betty White…A Class Act for Veterans

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I would be the first to admit that as far as television shows, movies, actors and actresses go, I rank myself low in movie and celebrity recognition. One exception to this would be former “Golden Girl” actress Betty White. It’s not a surprise to hear all her many well deserved awards.

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