Health Issues In Those We Love

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In certain circumstances, we find loved ones in the act of submitting to their addictions, or we may at least be around them when they are under the influence and can’t deny their condition.

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4 Terrific Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Therapy

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Trigger point pain is one of the most common types of pain experienced by the body. Often referred to as “muscle knots”, these trigger points are sensitive spots in the muscle that cause a feeling of aching and stiffness when overstressed.

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Married to the Chair PLUS ONE

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Today I dropped the cap to my water bottle under my desk and thought with dismay, how am I ever going to get that? In case you didn’t know I am pregnant. Which in and of itself is a story for another time. But amongst the many arduous tasks that come with pregnancy bending over is one of them. Especially having to bend over all the way to the floor! Do you know how far away that is? That’s Pluto in pregnancy language. Being pregnant is an amazing gift. Feeling a life move inside you is absolutely incredible until about midnight when you haven’t slept in a week, and your bed has turned into a torture chamber instead of the cloud of awesomeness it was just a few short months ago and all you want in this life is just to get a few hours of sleep!

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Major Factors in Alzheimer and Dementia Disease

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Smoking is said to be related to the development of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Disease in people. Is this true? Please read on to learn more. There is a lot of scientific proof that the two are associated with each other closely. In 2014, there as a scientific report entitled “Tobacco Use & Dementia,” which was a very comprehensive scientific review of tobacco use, secondhand smoke, and the incidence rates that go along with all types dementia that did include Alzheimer’s.

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Vitamin D and Adventure

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My entire life I have always loved the summer season. As a child, summer meant many hours of playing outside, swim practices and meets, camping, riding bikes, family outings and countless hours of hanging out with friends. In fact, outdoor play was commonplace and enforced by my parents. Our family, friends and community made sure there were many planned events and activities to take part in! There was very little television or video gaming in our household. I was having too much fun, so I had no need to be stagnant. A true fact is that my mom would have to force all us kids out of the pool to eat lunch or dinner. We all were having a blast and would lose track of time!

Hence my sense of adventure, need for speed, and try anything attitude. I have a thirst for sun rays, sports, recreation and friends. I love being around water, whether it is a lake, ocean, beach , pool, or a waterfall! To me, water is peaceful, calming, beautiful, and provides entertainment and adventure! My reason and love for water has encouraged me to look at new activities with excitement and adrenaline. I don’t only enjoy the activity for the time I spend in serenity and with friends. I do believe that taking time for myself truly decreases the stresses in life! I did not even mention the sense of accomplishment when I learn a new activity or skill.

Now as an adult, I have my bucket list. In my post college years, I have added water, snow skiing, and sled skating to things I love. There is also tubing and kayaking. Handcycling is a joy as well. I still have more on my list. Rock climbing, zip lining, and white water rafting will be done as soon as possible. I challenge me and you to say, “What’s next?” and go for it! Be quick, because the warm weather is not here but once a year. Always know that every season has a bucket list of opportunities and adventures, so get out there!

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12 Safety Tips for Seniors

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Summertime is the time where you can fun around and relax yourselves. Even the schools and colleges remain closed during summertime. But, for the elder person, it can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Let’s take a quick sneak peek into the safety tips for the elderly during summertime.

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2015: Top 10 Global Health Issues

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Many non-profit organizations across the globe are trying their best to work against many deadly diseases. At the beginning of 2014, global health community (GHC) was focused to fight against the diseases like family planning, HIV, maternal health, etc. At that time, no one had thought that, Ebola would take up the entire limelight, pushing others on the side.

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Older Americans Month: How to Stay Physically and Mentally Active

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May is Older Americans Month, a tradition started by President Kennedy and the National Council of Senior Citizens in 1963 to honor the ways that older people, both past and present, have contributed to the nation and to their communities.

In honor of Older Americans Month, I’d like to take a look at a couple of great ways to stay active–both physically and mentally–as we get older!

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Steps to avoid Skin Issues

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Skin problems are one of the prime reasons as to why people approach a skin doctor. Every individual at some point may have skin problems. To deal with certain types of skin conditions such as rosacea, ringworm, epidermis, etc. it is very important to approach a professional skin doctor. When avoided, skin issues can become risky and may lead to other types of illnesses or infections.

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Alternatives for Depression

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A mental health treatment plan for depression typically involves cognitive behavioral therapy and some kind of antidepressant to regulate abnormal neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Even alcohol recovery programs or drug detox programs use antidepressants to help patients cope with anxiety, depression and cravings for drugs or alcohol. However, a new study from the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, Mo. reports that laughing gas may provide relief from severe depression.

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