Celebration of Life!

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It is interesting how we just came from being part of many year-end celebrations, yet January is considered celebration of life month. The celebration of the New Year is very much a reason to keep celebrating for the entire month of January. However, in regards to your life, there are many reasons to celebrate.

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Mind, Body, and Soul =Weight Loss

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Managing your weight can be a difficult goal to obtain and keep. From counting calories to the numerous diets available to knowing which gym facility to join or what exercises to do, the options can be overwhelming for someone that just wants to get started. It is even more challenging for someone with a special medical need. You add a whole new layer of obstacles on top of what we already mentioned. Don’t be discouraged before you start, or even after you start, for that matter. Weight management is a long and hard journey that requires your soul, mind, and body but it will change your life. Before we start I advise you consult your physician concerning changes in your lifestyle that affect your meals and physical activity. Now, let’s begin!

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Picky Eater Problems?

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Are you struggling to feed your child who is a picky eater?  It seems to be very common in children that I have baby-sat for or among the campers with intellectual disorders that I have prepared meals for. It is challenging to make food look appetizing to those who just aren’t having it.  Spinach?  “Ew, gross!”  Broccoli?  “Noooo way!”  Broccoli with cheese?  “Yuck, there’s broccoli in there!”  Creative thinking and patience play large roles when it comes to selective eaters.

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Why So SAD?

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to season changes.  It can affect anyone however it is more common in Women 15 to 55 years of age.   The risk of getting a first diagnosis of SAD will decrease as you age.   SAD can also carry the name of Winter Depression or Seasonal Depression. 

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Five Benefits of Owning a Pet

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It seems like every day there’s a new natural health trend sweeping the nation. But are you aware of the furriest, most affectionate life change that can lead to a healthier life? Multiple studies have shown that owning a pet actually has both lifestyle and physical benefits. Here are five ways adopting a pet can lead to a healthier life:

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November is Good Nutrition Month

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As the days start getting cooler outside, it can be tempting to stay inside and munch on snacks while sipping on rich, high calorie beverages. While it is important to ensure we’re making time for ourselves to relax, we may not notice that we’re adding quite a few extra calories to our daily intake, and not necessarily getting outside as much to burn them off. But, don’t despair. With a little creativity and effort, there’s always a way to make sure we get to treat ourselves, while maintaining a healthy body and mind especially when fighting a serious illness like cancer.

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Blame for Joint Pain

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When people think of the causes of joint pain, they think of the common causes including injuries, bone loss, or old age. However, the cause of your annoying joint pain could be stemming from bacteria in your gut. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to see the facts on microbiome bacteria and joint pain.

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National Depression Education and Awareness Month

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While many people start the day with a positive attitude quotes, for some who suffer from depression and other psychological disorders, sometimes this just isn’t possible.

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Wellness Care for Breast Cancer

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There are several alternative mind and body wellness care therapies available for cancer patients. Often called Complementary or Alternative Medicine (CAM), these therapies offer treatments that can help patients cope with the side effects of cancer, promote the feeling that they are doing something about their individual care and diminish the stress and worry one feels when dealing with cancer. Let’s take a look at a few of these treatments to see if they may work for you. 

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Eating Healthy!

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By now, everyone should be aware of the importance of healthy eating. Where your body is concerned, you get out what you put in. A healthy diet improves every area of your life – from physical health to appearance to mental health and mood. This applies across the board, but is particularly relevant for those of us who are less able. People with a disability or other chronic health problems could benefit enormously from the extra support provided by healthy nourishment. Unfortunately, our society does not make it easy for such people to maintain a healthy diet. Various constraints mean that those who need it most find themselves without a good, balanced diet, and suffer as a consequence. Were healthy eating made more accessible, and were more education regarding it provided within the disabled community, it is likely that the quality of life for many people would improve enormously.

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