Why Not Being Understood By Others Around You if Perfectly Okay (and Why Your Complicated Mind Makes You Special)

May 30, 2017
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Anything that’s not according to what society expects, or is slightly different from how an average man lives, makes us feel uncomfortable. Because few try to really understand and connect on a deeper level with those around them, we – the different individuals – are in anguish.But we don’t need to. All this is perfectly normal. In fact, we have the power to not just accept this lack of understanding around us and learn how to live with it, but actually turn it around and make it a positive thing.

Different isn’t weird, it’s brave, unique, and inspiring. Only those who stood up and did something no one else dared, behaved in a different way, or let all their creativity and unusual way of thinking out, managed to help the world take a new direction. These are the people we need. And, by having a mental illness and taking control of our path at the same time, we can become such a role model for others too. Different is good. Different is special. But different, is rarely understood. Let’s stop worrying about this, taking it personally or overthinking it. And instead fulfill our potential and live a better life.

Here’s how:


If they don’t understand, go tell them.

Having a disability isn’t an easy way of life. But it’s something you can handle better with support from the close ones. And in order to maintain such relationships, you need to open up, invest a little, make compromises, be social when you don’t feel like, and thus receive the same in return.

Sometimes people don’t reciprocate your feelings towards them and don’t response the way you want. It’s perfectly fine. You don’t need many people to understand and like you. Just a few will be perfectly fine! A few good friends in your circle can enrich your life to such an extent, that you’ll not only be happier, but also healthier.

In order for that to happen, though, you’ll have to take an important step. If they don’t show the level of understanding towards you and your differences that you expect, make this easier for everyone by simply explaining to them what it feels like. It takes one honest conversation, which might not be the most pleasant one for you, but it will make a big difference and you’ll never regret having it. Pour your heart out this one time. Let them know about all the aspects of your life you struggle with and the thoughts on your mind when no one’s around. Once you do that, you’ll feel relieved.

What’s more, you’ll finally see understanding in your friend’s eyes. And feeling understood is equal to letting someone help you with carrying the heavy burden on your shoulders. How great is that! 

Shame can be turned into Pride

Some mentally ill folks tend to be ashamed whenever in public, they feel like they aren’t doing enough, don’t want others to know they’re going to therapy, and prefer to spend their days pretending to be the happiest person in the room.But that usually leads to no progress. We can’t feel satisfied with daily life if we play a role like that. And our potential won’t be unleashed.

The only way to get to higher self-esteem (which itself will lead to action in the right direction), is to first admit anything we don’t like about ourselves and our current lifestyle. To then accept it as the place to be right now, at this stage of our life. And focus on our strengths and make a plan on how we can get back on track and make the most of our days.

Once you do that, things will get easier. Taking one step helps you build discipline but also makes you believe in the process. So you go take another.

Over time, the shame you once had can be turned into pride, as you’ll know exactly what you’re good at and how you’re contributing to society and will feel good about it.

You are a teacher and have more than one mission in life.

A lot of strength is needed for us to not just be okay with all that we are and have, but to also find the blessing in it. Once you do, however, every day becomes a gift. One way to get there is to think of the lessons we can share with others around us. The lessons that aren’t so obvious, but which help our friends and acquaintances be more grateful, find compassion in their hearts, re-think what life is all about, and – ultimately – become better people.

Here’s a beautiful story of how our mental illness can turn other lives around too.

Just imagine what we can do with it if we stop telling it to go away, and instead send love and positive vibes towards it, knowing it’s our tool to be teachers and even mentors to many others struggling with this, or the other group, who are living the average life but complaining about it not being enough.

Lack of understanding isn’t a barrier. We can do something about it today to stop feeling guilty, ashamed, and to ask for this understanding.

Then, we can be brave enough to find the positives in our life and use them in the most effective way possible.







Author: Sarah Williams

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