How Golf Can Help Seniors Live A Better Life

May 19, 2017
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As life goes by, it is key to start taking advantage of the time we do have. Life is an enigmatic concept, and it is often too late when we get reminded to truly enjoy it. For that reason, I do believe that each of us should be entitled to live a fulfilling life, every day. One of the ways to reach this goal is to play sports extensively. Not any type of sports, but specifically sports that will make you a better person. As I happen to know so well, golf is one of them.

As I first discovered it at the age of 5, I knew that golf was going to follow me all my life. Now I am well over 50, I understand why I had this feeling: golf can truly enlighten your day. Let’s find out how you can benefit from it.

How seniors can benefit from golf

Golf is truly a team sport. Not in the regular sense of the world – you don’t literally play in teams. But to play golf, you do have to play with others – no reputable golfer goes by himself to the green and hit balls. No – he plans and schedules a get-together with his friends and golf is one of the activities played. In that sense, golf can be seen as a truly social activity which will allow you to re-connect with some of the people you may not meet otherwise. Through that, golf always you to live a better life – by constantly being surrounded by other folks.

Golf is a sport – meaning you’ll have to burn calories to play it. Ultimately, this will help to keep you in shape as you grow older. This is extremely useful for seniors, as the ability to move around and walk reduces. Golf, by having one walk over the green, will help to maintain some of that wellness – specifically walking, strengthening the body, arms and legs. Even though this is intuitive, golf does need energy coming from the full body. Hitting a swing or event walking from one hole to the other lead to calories being burnt and an increase in one’s wellness.

Golf does make you think hard to improve your performance. In that regard, this resonates with seniors who may not have the opportunity to do so otherwise. It’s a very competitive sport, leading you to have to think each swing through to get to the hole the fastest. The best path to improvement may then be to apply some of the best golf tips.


As a conclusion, golf can have an incredible role when it comes to helping seniors live a better life. Whether that is through better practice or through outgoing activities which help seniors remain socially included, golf has a lot of advantages seniors should learn to benefit from to lead their life.





Author: Jordan Fuller

  • bobl07

    IMO, to hit a golf ball is the second most difficult thing to do. I think baseball is most difficult. I still think that golf is a great game to be enjoyed by all.

  • Jordan Fuller

    Hi Bob! Absolutely, golf is a great game to enjoyed, especially for friends’ get together or even for business. I love it especially on sunny days.

  • amirah

    Yes, i am also interesting to play this game.

  • aimixmaquina

    Yes, I agree with you. Golf can not only help the elderly improve their lives, but also enhance their relationships.