8 Easy Steps Home Remedies for Wrinkles on Face and Eyes

Feb 24, 2017
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“When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable,” wrote Victor Hugo. Wrinkles cannot be stopped nor totally prevented because it is as inevitable as us and our bodies growing old. Nevertheless, nobody welcomes aging, much more so, premature aging. Let the players in the multi-billion dollar beauty and personal care industry keep pitching and outshining each other in their ads and marketing tactics. At this point, we, consumers, are interested, more than ever, to have another look at natural products and home remedies to rescue our skin from wrinkles.

The power of nature

Many times, anti-aging products have been criticized for their deceptive promotional strategies and unbacked up claims. Who could blame manufacturers and advertisers when they are all trying to fill in an expensive void where the appetite of men and women around the world towards beauty continues to grow?

For those who want to find out for themselves if there are natural alternatives that would rival even patented ingredients, like Strivectin’s NIA-114 technology, check out this list of 8 remedies you can make yourself and enjoy at the comfort of your own home:

Virgin Olive Oil.
Simply help yourself to a cosmetic grade, fragrance-free bottle of this deep penetrating, moisture rich and antioxidant rich essential oil. With every application, allow your skin to soak in the antioxidants and Vitamin E without having to accommodate excessive amounts of grease. This popular home remedy deeply moisturizes your skin as well as protect your skin from further damage.

Virgin Coconut Oil.
Traditionally used in Southeast Asia for centuries for all things beauty and as a remedy for almost every kind of ailment, this natural oil does have its power over your wrinkles too. If contains loads of saturated fats, fatty acids, and Vitamin E that plump skin and re-energize skin cells to make skin turnover happen faster. Not only that! Virgin coconut oil also naturally has antiseptic and antibacterial properties help keep your skin free from irritations, infections, blemishes and scars.

Green Tea and Aloe Vera Toner.
Green tea is one of the healthiest natural foods that are freely available wherever you may be around the world. Combined with the sap of an aloe vera plant, this natural combination helps relieve the skin surface from inflammation, clear your pores of impurities, tighten pores and supports the rebuilding of the skin’s protective outer layer.

Lemon and almond oil toner.
One of the best natural ingredients around for clarifying skin and brightening up skin complexion is lemon. The citric acid content of lemon is what makes this kitchen staple enriched with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which gently sloughs off the top layer of the skin. It also gives this ingredient its natural astringent properties that brightens up the skin’s complexion.

However, it is not advisable to apply undiluted lemon to your skin or your skin will burn. Dilute with an essential oil like almond oil which is also antioxidant rich. Feel free to use this solution as a spot corrector.

Rosemary oil clarifying and blemish-free toner.
This toner best serves acne-prone and hyper sensitive skin types. That’s because rosemary has strong anti-inflammatory properties that soothes and relieves skin from redness, itchiness and other signs of skin irritation. In addition, the antioxidants found in rosemary also amp up your skin’s UV protection to stop further damage.

Tomato and basil face pack. Both ingredients are packed with vitamins and minerals that support skin cell repair and rejuvenation processes that improve the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, this face pack mixture is also the perfect remedy when you feel that your skin is dull and lifeless. We all love this combination in our pastas, we guarantee that you’ll love them on your skin too.

Almond and brown sugar exfoliant/scrub.
Fine pound or grind the almond. Mix with the brown sugar. Cleanse your skin before scrubbing in.

Milk and honey facial cleanser.
Milk contains lactic acid, an AHA, which gently washes off dead skin cells, dirt and grime on the surface of your skin. Honey is one of the most powerful humectants. When combined, these two ingredients balance out each other and helps bring back the healthy balance of microscopic bad and good bacteria on your skin.

Steps To Keep Skin Well Maintain


All of these ingredients are relatively easy to find. You can prepare solutions that are good for several applications. Store in an air tight container and keep in your fridge to retain its potency.

Author: Jazz Pollard

  • http://samplelover.club Health & Beauty Fan

    I totally agree that people should finally understand that aging is a natural process and you can’t stop it. There are no creams that will fully erase wrinkles from the skin but there are people who still believe in it. That’s why such products are being developed. And thanks for your list of natural remedies. Honestly, I haven’t tried all of them.

  • Alaysia Butler

    According to my experiences natural products are very helpful to remove wrinkles. I have been using Annimateo’s “All-in-One Anti-aging/Wrinkle/Lifting Cream” product for since six months and it’s working good for my skin.

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  • Trituradora

    At this point, we, consumers, are interested, more than ever, to have another look at natural products and home remedies to rescue our skin from wrinkles.