Essentials to know about Syphilis to deal with it effectively

Jan 25, 2017
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Syphilis is a troublesome sexually transmitted disease, which can cause long-term troubles if not addressed properly. The symptoms are usually found in adults, and these are categorized into various stages such as: Primary, Secondary and Latent. Further, we will discuss a few essentials you need to know with suspected or diagnosed syphilis.


Causes of syphilis

One can catch syphilis by getting into direct contact with syphilis sore through sex. These types of lesions are usually found on the male and female sex organs and rectum areas. Lesions may also be found on mouth and lips of the infected. Apart from this, Syphilis can also get transmitted from an affected mother to the unborn baby.

Symptoms of syphilis

Syphilis is a ‘great imitator.’ Many of its symptoms are identical to that of other diseases. The primary syphilis sores which are painless may be like a zipper cut, ingrown hair, or a mere bump. At the second stage, there may be non-itchy rashes seen on the palms, soles of the feet, and various other parts of the body. Syphilis may also affect the eye and in the worst case can cause permanent blindness, called ocular syphilis.


In the case of syphilis, it is also ideal to get ELISA and Western blot tests. If you have been exposed to HIV or STD risks with unprotected sex or IV drug abuse, it is essential to know how does an ELISA test work to identify if you got affected by HIV or STD. With Syphilis, you are in the high-risk group, and it is essential to conduct these tests to be confirmed about the HIV status.

How to lower the chances of getting syphilis

The only ideal way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis is to prevent away from unprotected sex contact. If you are sexually active, the ideal measures to take to reduce the chances of syphilis are:

* Try to be in a monogamous relationship with one trusted partner.

*Use latex condoms while having sex to prevent contact from any sore

Stage of Syphilis

Primary stage

During this stage, there may be only a single sore. This wound may show up at the location where syphilis entered the body. These sore may be round, firm, and painless. Most of the times, it may get unnoticed for being painless.

Secondary stage

At this phase, there may be new skin rashes and sores on sex organs, mouth, or rectum areas. Rashes may show up when the first wounds heal, which may look red, rough, with reddish brown spots. These may be at the palms and soles. There may also be fever, chills, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, hair loss, weight loss, headaches, muscle aches, and fatigue, etc.

Latent / late stages

The next stage begins when the earlier symptoms disappear. However, if you haven’t received proper treatment and cure, syphilis may stay in your body for many years without any symptoms. However, when recurring, you will have difficulty coordinating the muscle movements, and you may even experience numbness, paralysis, blindness, and dementia, etc. On letting it advanced to this stage, the disease may damage the internal organs and may also result in death.

It is highly likely that the unborn baby may also get affected with syphilis if the mother is positive. Having syphilis may lead to low birth weight, and it may even cause the baby to be stillborn. To protect the child, one should be tested for syphilis during the time of pregnancy and also at delivery to receive immediate treatment.


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