Glaucoma, Who is at Risk?

Jan 09, 2017
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There are approximately 3 million people with Glaucoma in the US. What is surprising is that many people may not be aware that they have glaucoma. The individuals in the US wth glaucoma ranges from various age groups to specific populations. People with Glaucoma may not know what the symptoms are and if it is hereditary. The individuals with Glaucoma who are not typically who you think.

Here are some tips to remember with Glaucoma:

  • With Glaucoma is that everyone is a target. It does not matter where you are from and what age you are. Glaucoma is most common to people that have the inherited trait. If you know that Glaucoma is in your family, then you have just become the next possible target. Thus, it is incumbent on yourself to have regular check-ups. Remember that Glaucoma does lead to blindness and knowing that it is heredity has made it more susceptible for you to acquire. Also, Glaucoma does not have a cure, and once you lose vision, it cannot be recovered. However, early detection and treatment can help in preventing further vision loss. Eventually, people with the genetic trait of Glaucoma can still lose up to 10% of vision if not treated early.
  • With Glaucoma being the second leading cause of blindness it does target specific populations such as Seniors, African-American, Latinos and people that have the inherited trait. Unfortunately, 120,000 people have become blind due to Glaucoma. Incredibly, 30% of the population are unfamiliar with Glaucoma. They had never heard of Glaucoma.

At the end of the day, there are no symptoms for Glaucoma, so early detection and treatment is very critical, especially for seniors, African-Americans, Latinos and people with hereditary traits.  If you follow in one of these categories, please make sure to have eyes checked once or twice a year. Please make sure to have eye dilation for a complete and thorough exam.

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Author: Bob Lujano