Are you ready for the Paralympic Games!

Sep 09, 2016
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As the summer draws to an end let’s not forget to watch one more spectacular event. The 2016 Paralympic Games are in Rio. These games, like the Olympics, will be also televised on NBS sports network. So please look to tune in.

The 2016 Paralympic Games will be on television in the United States for the first time ever. It will reach unprecedented number of American television watchers. This group of watchers will be treated to approximately 70 hours of television broadcast. The home of Olympics NBC is now the home of the Paralympics. If not able to catch it on television please look to see a live stream on

Paralympic games are not as large in number of sport events in comparison to Olympics. There are approximately 20 Paralympic sporting events compared to the over 70 events at the Olympics. The Paralympic Games in Rio will offer sports with live streams in judo, powerlifting, sitting volleyball, soccer 5-a- side, swimming, table tennis, track cycling, track and field, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair tennis. In addition, just like the Olympics, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be live streamed as well as other sport activities.

The athletes from Team USA are a delegation of 289 that cover various sport and include a large demographics. We have 43 states represented with 14 athletes defending their Paralympic titles. There are 35 military veterans participating in the games. When I was an athlete in Athens, Greece at the 2004 Paralympic Games, we had only a handful of veterans. It is great to see this number increase. We also have three athletes competing in two different sport events. As well as two athletes that have competed in the Winter and Summer Paralympics of past years. This is something not seen at the Olympic level.

Please tune in to this event that is happening now. I know that I will have an huge interest in the wheelchair rugby results. The Paralympic Games in Rio will run from September 7-18, 2016. Please feel free to contact various websites to keep abreast of the Paralympic Games and to watch on NBC sports.

Author: Bob Lujano